“Moms’ Night Out”—opens Friday, May 9!

Moms Night Out bannerIt’s almost Mother’s Day weekend!

I have the perfect gift for you.  (But your husband will have to buy it for you….or you can treat yourself!)

Moms’ Night Out, the newest picture from AFFIRM Films/Sony Pictures Entertainment and Provident Films, opens Friday, May 9.  (Although you might be able to get tickets for the May 8 showing!)

If you have ever felt alone in your mothering; like the job is too big for you; like the person you used to be disappeared when you started diapering your baby; or even if you just felt like you needed a NIGHT OUT….you are going to adore Moms’ Night Out!  It is the truest movie about mothering that I have seen…..maybe….ever.  AND it is hilarious, clean, and full of unexpected surprises.  You may not have experienced everything Allyson does in the movie, but you will recognize the signs of momentary mommy panic even if you haven’t!

Allyson is the mom of 3 kiddos under six.  Her hubby travels…..OFTEN.  And she is in NEED.  Of just one night off.  She loves her kids.  She always wanted to be a mom.  But she just needs a little room….or a little air.  Or maybe a moment to wear her sparkly high heels.

She organizes a night out with two girlfriends.  The men agree to babysit.  But what Allyson planned bears no resemblance whatsoever to what actually happens!  Motorcycles…tattoo parlors (it’s not what you’re thinking)….minivans….reservations at a sit-down restaurant…police chases……oh no, these were SO not on the list!  But Allyson’s evening out, in spite of everything, moves her.  To a new place; a place she’d been searching for all along.

Moms’ Night Out stars:

  • Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy, Everwood)
  • Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings series, Rudy)
  • Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond, The Middle)
  • Trace Adkins
  • and other cast members you’ll recognize

If you have ever felt any of the things I’ve described here today….you are going to love Moms’ Night Out.  So….buy a ticket.  Or have somebody else (hint hint to any hubbies or significant others reading this) buy it for you.  Go to the movie on Mother’s Day weekend.  You will not regret it!

March 2012 160Enjoy!  –Wren




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