10 gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

Usually for Holidays, Birthdays, etc. I am a HUGE gift card giver; everyone gets what they want and no hassles with exchanges or returns.

However, Mother’s Day requires a more personal touch…she did, after all, carry us around in her body for 9 months, gave up many things, comfort, sleep, seeing her ankles….so I’ve combined a list of some gift ideas for Mother’s Day (mine is NOT on the list as my Mother reads the blog:)

  1. Mother & Daughter pedicures (sandal season is coming ladies)!
  2. Brunch (favorite restaurant or homemade)!
  3. Monogrammed tote (Land’s End does a great one)!
  4. Chore coupons (handmade, of course)!
  5. Chocolate…any kind!
  6. Go to the movies (chick flick time)!
  7. Give her a photo collage of the family (framed)!
  8. Attend a cooking class together!
  9. Host a Mother/Daughter tea (invite your friends and their moms)!
  10. Take her to the Museum!

To all the Grandmother’s,Mother’s and Daughters out there; I wish you the most fabulous day ever!



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