The Beginnings of Our Garden

I think I’ve stated before how much I love May.  Especially the beginning of May.

Normally, by then, we’ve had a few more warm days than we’ve enjoyed this year.  Instead, for the first two weeks of the month we had a couple of VERY cold weeks…including snow on Mother’s Day weekend!  We had to cover our peonies, which naturally thought it was time to get moving, with tarps for several nights.  However, it looks as though they’ve weathered the freezing temps just fine.

You can see a few nice big buds here, along with some full leaves.

March 2012 191Sadly, the Russian sage beside the peonies still thinks it’s winter.  Although it looks dead, don’t be deceived; there is life in those gray branches!

March 2012 192I don’t know if you can see it well, but there’s a black ant crawling on this bud, anticipating, no doubt, the sweetness of the nectar that will come when the flowers bloom.

March 2012 193And this?  One of my FAVORITE things about gardening….when the seeds you planted first peek out of the ground and begin to unfurl their first leaves, the cotyledons.  These are my sugar snap pea plants.

It sure encourages me for the things to come!

Enjoy!  –Wren


2 thoughts on “The Beginnings of Our Garden

    • Hmmm…two weeks ago, I think? Sugar snap peas are pretty tough…you can plant them even if a freeze is coming. Then you can continue to plant them in 3-week staggered plantings, for perpetual summer production!

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