Early June–Our Emerging Garden

We live in an area with a short growing season.  So it’s just now that all our seeds and seedlings are finally in the ground.  This morning, I peeped out and there are actually emerging cotyledons from the seeds I planted!

Cherry tomato plant

Cherry tomato plant

We’ve started from seed Sweeties (cherry tomatoes), Delicious (beefsteak), German heirloom and Romas (the last two for the first time).  All of those look pretty strong except the Romas.  They’re definitely on the puny side.  I’m not sure what to expect from those….but we’ll see if we get any produce!

Sugar snap pea seedlings

Sugar snap pea seedlings

One of our family favorites (well….actually everything in our garden is a family fave) is the tasty sugar snap pea.  Eat it fresh from the garden, in salads, in stir fry….any way you eat them they’re delightful!  The seed packet recommends staggered plantings, about every three weeks, so that you have peas all summer.  I’ll be putting some more in the garden bed soon.

The last of the tomato seedlings

The last of the tomato seedlings

These are the last of the tomato plants that we started from seed.  I’ve had several girlfriends who were gracious enough to take some of them off my hands.  The rest are going to Finch’s and my mom’s house today.  It’s amazing what abundance you can get from a little packet of seeds!

Enjoy!  –Wren


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