Greek yogurt…joining the craze!

Everyone one knows that following a Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest. My husband and I love all things Mediterranean (more on that later:)! So it’s not a surprise to find that olives, feta and hummus are staples in the fridge.

Married to an avid nutrition reader does have it’s benefits; he is always on top of the (proven) health trends and subsequently, our kitchen is on the receiving end.

Enter Greek yogurt…the plain kind…the I really can’t get my head around the idea kind. (Did i mention is was really smelly? Open the garbage can odor of empty container wafting out and don’t kiss me with that mouth smelly)? Well it is!

It’s also used as a substitute for sour cream…Hello??

So, needless to say I was pretty resistant. Until I went to the grocery store and Greek yogurt  had taken over the yogurt case and I couldn’t find my Activia (Jamie Lee Curtis where are you?)

So what won me over in the end? Same probiotics, less sugar and 2x the protein.


My choice: Light and Fit Greek yogurt in Blueberry, 80 calories, 0 fat and 12 g of protein. Breakfast or a snack, it’s a daily habit, and the best part? My husband met me in the middle, no more smelly plain yogurt!



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