Things We Love: “Summer of Light”

One of my most beloved books is W. Dale Cramer’s Summer of Light.

June2014 121It is the most beautiful, hilarious, poignant story of God’s unexpected and redemptive hand in a man’s, and his family’s, life.  I love it!  I have read it and reread it over and over.  The first three chapters alone are worth the price of the book!

Which, from June 12-18, is greatly reduced!  During this week, you can get the ebook version through for only $1.99.

Ironworker Mick Brannigan loves his job (building high-rises in Atlanta) and his family.  When a bizarre accident closes the door  on his job, he’s off for a wild ride that takes him and his family to deep and wonderful places…and transforms them all.  Poignant, humorous, encouraging and full of laughter and joy.  You don’t want to miss this wonderful story!

I highly, highly recommend it.  Wonderful summer (or any time) reading!

Enjoy!  –Wren



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