Things We Love: the newest trend in cooking oil!

Foodies and health conscious peeps unite!

Bought this for my husband at a gourmet food store; our friend had told us he was using it as an alternative for Olive oil….so we gave it a shot.

Actually it was more like a spoonful (not me, he tasted it straight). It has a mild avocado aftertaste, not too strong so it can be used for many things.


Yes, it’s a very pretty can!

Uses: salad dressing, sauteing, frying and drizzling over salads.

It has a higher smoke point than Olive Oil which makes it very versatile; the notable health benefits reported include that it contains a lot of the antioxidant Vitamin E a winner.

For more info on all things oil…check out


This post is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.


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