LEGO Ultra Agents App Review!

Hi guys. Jackson here! This is a review of the new LEGO Ultra Agents app!

June2014 327

It is a pretty good app. It is available on the iOS App Store, Google Play, and Samsung Apps.  When you first start, you get to pick a name for your agent minifig. However, you can only pick specific names (I was happy to find that Wilson is one of the names in it!). There are six missions, one for each set. Each mission has the first half of comic, a minigame, and then the second half of the comic. Please note that it is a little darker than LEGO normally gets because:

  • It is violent. At the end of most of the minigames* (the Swap-Lane ones) you must shoot the villain with your blaster.
  • LEGO used the term “suck” in the Hurricane Heist comic, which they had never used before.

Now, it is a pretty good app, in spite of these things. It does have some very funny lines and scenes in it. There is the funniest line that Tremor says, especially since he has, like, A TON of metal on his body! I would, however, advise some parental guidance with this app. I would recommend that you preview the app before you let your child use it. I would warn you about one thing that is not dark or violent at all. In the Hurricane Heist comic, your child may get annoyed at the fact that there are about 15 puns related to wind including “suck,” “my head is spinning,” and “the twist at the end.” The minifigures are dressed well and modestly (except for one character, which is one reason that I would not recommend Mission 4). There is some mildly scary content in missions 3 and 6, so I don’t recommend those for kids under the age of 8.


The Minigames: Recommendations, Guidance and Glitches

In the minigames, I have only encountered one glitch on the games for missions 4 and 6, and that is, sometimes if you press the wrong arrow button, after that, even if you press the right one, it counts it as the wrong one.

*I mentioned the violent content of the games earlier in the post.

In the parental guidance department, only the mission 3 game is the only one I would not recommend, because of mildly scary content.


So there you go. Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention that it is free, but be warned, it takes up a lot of data space.


Enjoy, and God Bless!



2 thoughts on “LEGO Ultra Agents App Review!

  1. I just came upon your site as I was looking for a review on this app. Thank you so much for playing it! I will be looking around your site more. After reading your review, my 9yr old will be sad 😦 wish they would keep kid games at a completely kid level.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Marcia! Thanks so much for stopping by. Here’s what my son would like to share:

      Hey there Miss Marcia! I’m glad my review helped you, but I’m sorry about your 9yr old. But yeah, there are also several different references to death in the app…not something that I was looking for. I’m so glad this review helped! And there are lots of other nice LEGO apps out there that your son would probably love! 🙂 So glad this helped,

      Thanks again for your visit. Have a great day! –Wren

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