Fabulous bird feeder!

Our yard is filled with so many beautiful birds and amazingly enough (in my 40+ years) I’ve never had a bird feeder! We have plenty of squirrels as well, so we needed to find one where they wouldn’t hoover up all the birdseed. 

Enter the “Perky-Pet 365 Antique Copper Lantern Feeder”!

It has:

  • 5-pound seed capacity
  • 4 sided with feeding stations on each 
  • Locking cap system that keeps squirrels out
  • Bird-preferred U-shape perches (that’s what they say)!
  • Easy “S” hook for hanging (green, so it doesn’t stand out).


We hung it from a tree in the far corner of the yard, in view from our back kitchen window for human and feline viewing alike. That was last weekend and all the birds in the neighborhood have discovered it! Only one problem…they ate all the seed in one week. The plus…no squirrels helped!

My husband says we might have to invest in a birdseed silo…:)



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