Beets from our garden!

My husband has the gardening gene in the family and this year set out to have a vegetable garden. Here we are just three months later and every day, it seems, something amazing is ripening. Supportive spouse though I am, I did warn him that as his citified wife, I was a bit wary about actually eating from said garden. 1 perfect Heirloom tomato later, I was reformed!!

This post is, however, about Beets…and I’m not a fan. He assures me they were amazing; I trust his palate, and more importantly, I’m so proud!!!

Cooked beets


Process: clean beets of any extraneous roots or dead leaves.

After thoroughly washing, separate stems from root. Cut away any fibrous leaf stalks (there should only be a few.) Pat leaves, stems and roots with a dry towel.

Chop 3 garlic buds, one-half to one onion and all leaves and stems. Add 2 tbs olive oil to cold pan. Heat and drop in garlic, onions and stems. Saute until onions sweat, but not too soft. Add the leaves last. If you like, add chicken stock, or, use water. Add salt and pepper at this point.

Lower the heat to minimum and set your beet roots into the mix. Leave on low heat until the beet roots are desired doneness. You are braising the roots in this liquid/leaf mix until done. if you like, flip the beet roots about halfway through cooking (approx. 15 min.)

This is delicious on its own or as a side dish. I like it with pot roast, adding sour cream and horseradish (think borscht).

Enjoy—Finch and Husband





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