Things We Love: Family Fun Magazine

Has your family discovered Family Fun magazine yet?  Here’s a shot of this month’s issue, which just came today!

a June2014 215Of course this is the back-to-school episode for this fall.  I can’t wait to put some of its cool ideas into action!  Here are some I’m especially looking forward to:

  • Did you know that September 21-27 is National Keep Kids Creative Week?  I think I’ll add lots of fun art, crafts, cooking and cool projects in honor of that week!
  • The summer souvenir bowl on page 24 looks amazing.  We had a rather quiet summer, but I can adapt the idea for a neat art project some day!
  • Page 28 has an intriguing and delicious-sounding recipe, just in time for the fall apple harvest:  Apple Ring Pancakes!  It might end up as a dessert or breakfast, but I am quite interested in tasting this fall-ish recipe!
  • Have you heard of DIY nano?  This is a free app (download from the iOS store) that includes directions for over 15 simple science experiments.  Since this is one of our favorite subjects, we HAVE to take a look at this!  (Just so you know, I haven’t previewed this app yet; always visit Internet sites and apps with your child to preview them first, and give your parental stamp of approval.)

Family Fun magazine has provided years of recipes, projects, travel info, crafts and other cool kid/parent articles.  I recommend it for your family—find it at the bookstore, at the library or online!

Enjoy!  –Wren


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