TOS Crew Review: Wizzy Gizmo’s “Who Created Everything?”

Wizzy Gizmo ReviewOur latest TOS Crew Review came from Wizzy Gizmo.  Wizzy Gizmo is a wonderful company which produces highly-accessible children’s Bible books, resources and audio dramas.  Their products help children explore God’s Word in fascinating, creative and exciting ways.  Wizzy Gizmo’s books and audio dramas are designed for ages 4-12, and all ages can use their other Bible tools.  Our first exposure (but not our last, as you’ll read below!) to Wizzy Gizmo came in softcover book form, with the Wizzy Gizmo Book One:  Who Created Everything?  

You’re probably wondering just WHO Wizzy Gizmo is, aren’t you?  Wizzy Gizmo is a fictional character, an inventor whose home/workshop is full of crazy things he has invented.  When one steps inside the workshop, he’ll encounter dueling spoons; a talking robot duck named Quacky; a dancing toaster; an invention which enables his dog Pepe to speak; and many other unpredictable contraptions.  Wizzy’s most important invention, perhaps, is the one that sparks the adventure of the book:  the Gizmovision!  The Gizmovision can turn any book into a real-life experience, so that the reader becomes actually part of and even involved in the action.

Wizzy Gizmo ReviewFour children (Summer, Thomas, Eli and Olive) visit Wizzy and his crazy inventions one day, and are introduced to the Gizmovision.  They look through Wizzy’s library to find a book to place in the Gizmovision, considering one about the Old West, then another about mummies.  They finally choose the Bible.  When they place the Bible into the Gizmovision, the world of Genesis 1 and 2—and the creation week—is opened to them.

Has your imagination ever taken you into the days of creation?  If it has–or even if it hasn’t, Who Created Everything?  will open your eyes to what things might have looked, felt, and sounded like during the days of creation.  You’ll even think about what things might have tasted like!  Each chapter covers a different day of creation and what happened in it, from Wizzy’s and the four children’s birds’ eye views.  Who Created Everything? contains Scripture references which tie into each day of creation and each chapter of the book.  In addition (younger readers will especially benefit from this), vocabulary words are printed in bold font so that words that might be newer to the reader can be defined as the book is read.  (There is a glossary of these words included in the back of the book.)  There are also review questions for parents to use after the book is read to enhance comprehension.

Here are the things the children experience on their journey through creation:

  • Darkness and light
  • The earth and its waters, on the earth and above it
  • The seas and dry land
  • Plants and trees
  • The sun, moon and stars
  • Sea creatures
  • Earth creatures…even dinosaurs!
  • Adam and Eve

Who Created Everything? can be enjoyed as a read-aloud or a reader, depending on the ages of your children.  It’s both an interesting and an exciting read; I have to say that I enjoyed it as much as Jackson did!  The book makes the days and experiences of creation tangible in ways that are imaginative and inviting, yet always faithful to the Biblical account.

When we first received Who Created Everything?, Jackson began reading immediately.  He read a couple of chapters then stopped and said, “It’s so good I don’t want to finish it too quickly!”  So he really took his time with the book, just reading a little bit of it here and there.  Here’s what he has to say about it:

“It is a GREAT book, with a great story, great dialogue, and great characters.  I look forward to reading the second one, and the third when it comes out.  They’re great books and curriculum for any age.”

I have to tell you that, because Jackson loved Book One:  Who Created Everything? so much, we just purchased the second book in the series, Book Two:  In His Image!

Wizzy Gizmo ReviewWe haven’t read Book Two yet but we’ve got it handy.  (I think Jackson is putting it off a bit to make it last as along as possible, just as he did with Book One!)  And obviously we want to continue to get the books as they come out.  Really, they are wonderful additions to any family’s or child’s devotional library.

Both Book One:  Who Created Everything? and Book Two:  In His Image  can be purchased from Wizzy Gizmo.  Each book is softcover and is priced at $12.99.

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