Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled DVD Review

Hi! Jackson here.

Today I am going to review the movie “Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled” by ShatterPoint Entertainment. It is a very good movie, based on the story from the Bible, but with a few changes and humor added.

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The story focuses on the two spies who were sent to Jericho and were hidden by Rahab. The movie is almost all from their perspective. They used a technique in the film that I had seen on YouTube before, but ShatterPoint made it so much better than it was in the YT video. The technique is making the minifigure mouths move through some great editing.

Two silly characters were added named Bill Ding and Anita Brain, reporters for JNN News. They appear from time to time in the scenes inside/outside the city of Jericho.

The movie was great, and has made me laugh every time. There is an AWESOME partly animated action scene that provides for some good humor as well as just being cool. The movie overall is a very good and appropriate movie, and if I rated it it would be G, because it is a funny, nonviolent, perfectly scripted retelling of the journey the Israelites took and the battle they fought, and how God caused everything to work out good in the end. It was a great movie, with a great script, great voices, and great stopmotion animation. It makes me laugh, giggle and smile every time I watch it. In fact, when I finish writing this review, I am going to watch it again. It is really good. Great job, ShatterPoint!

I bought my copy at a local Mardel store, but it can also be bought at the ShatterPoint site here.

God Bless!



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