Breakfast Sandwich Fave!

Some days, we just need a hearty breakfast.  Like today, when we had a full day of school followed by our awesome homeschool coop, where Jackson is taking a class and I am serving as a TA.  (That would be a teacher’s assistant.)

Personally, I need good protein on these days for breakfast…unlike other members of my extended family, who can get by on a raisin and a Diet Coke!

So today, I made our family’s favorite breakfast sandwich.  You will see that this is modeled on a famous sandwich by an also-famous fast food restaurant…which will go unnamed.

First, I turn the heat on low under my cast-iron skillet.  I cut or tear the English muffins open and place them in the pan, to warm.

a June2014 234Next, I spray cooking oil on my egg forms.  I think I got these at Bed Bath and Beyond several years ago.  They are wonderful if you’re making breakfast sandwiches or eggs Benedict.  (The sprayed oil helps the eggs not to stick to the forms.)  Then, I place the forms on a preheated pan and crack the eggs into them.  I use a fork to break the yolk and spread it out a little.

a June2014 233I cook these on a low heat (maybe between 2 and 3 on an electric stove) and remove the forms once the eggs look set around the edges but still gooey on the inside.

a June2014 235Next, I flip them over to finish cooking the egg and lay a slice of cheese on the eggs to melt.  (We prefer Tillamook Cheddar.)  Then, I heat the Canadian bacon slices; they’re precooked so you only have to cook them on each side for about a minute.

a June2014 237Once the Canadian bacon is heated up, I assemble the sandwiches.  I try not to overcook the egg (just cook it through) because a rubbery egg on one of these is NOT delicious.

Then, we eat the breakfast sandwich with some lovely fruit on the side!  Today we were low on fresh fruit so we had applesauce with chia.  Yum!  And, we had plenty of energy for the day.  Yay!

Enjoy!  –Wren


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