Creative Freewriting Adventure from Home School Adventure Co.–A Review

Home School Adventure Co.Do you find it challenging to come up with creative writing assignments for your homeschool?  When my son was a younger student, we had a neat little curriculum that was full of inventive writing assignments.  Since then, however, it seems that most of his homeschool writing has been in the context of essays, book reports or short answers on tests.  And of course, each of those assignments has its place.  But I have missed the challenge and excitement of creative writing in our studies.  Creative writing is such an important process, I believe; it stretches the writer, helps him to extend beyond what he perceives as his capabilities or limits….and brings pleasure in both the process and the finished work!

Last spring, Jackson and I were able to use and review Home School Adventure Co.’s excellent Philosophy Adventure, Stacy Farrell’s worldview study that contrasts pre-Socratic philosophies with Biblical truths.  I was so impressed with Philosophy Adventure, and we particularly enjoyed the creative writing assignments in each chapter.  Recently, Stacy Farrell has launched a brand new writing curriculum that Jackson and I have used in our homeschool…and we were asked to serve on the launch team!  I am thrilled to share it with you, because Home School Adventure Co. has come to the rescue with a solution for our creative writing dilemma in wonderful ways.

CreativeWritingAdventure300x385Creative Freewriting Adventure: a journey into freewriting, is a ten-lesson program for middle school and high school students.  It presents innovative writing exercises that challenge students, energize the writing process, and encourage creativity….as well as fun!

You might be wondering what freewriting is, exactly…although I imagine that you can guess at the word’s meaning just by looking at it.  Freewriting exercises are designed to provide students with ideas that are intriguing and unusual, that will then spark stimulating thinking and writing.  In each lesson, students are given an unusual event and its setting, followed by questions about what they think might happen next.  Then, the timer is set for 15 minutes and the students write!  They don’t focus on spelling or punctuation, just on the joy of creativity and communicating their thoughts and ideas.  When the timer goes off, the exercise is completed!

The ten lessons of Creative Freewriting Adventure are drawn from three other Home School Adventure Co. curricula:  Philosophy Adventure, which I mentioned above; The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions, from a George MacDonald story; and Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal, from C.S. Lewis’ masterwork.  And while these freewriting exercises are related to the other Home School Adventure Co. curricula, those products are not prerequisites for Creative Freewriting Adventure.  (Although you’ll almost certainly want to learn more about them, or to study them with your children!) The freewriting lessons’ questions are thought-provoking, varied and exciting, and truly can spur some amazing writing by your student.

a June2014 238We used Creative Freewriting Adventure as our creative writing curriculum during my son’s seventh grade year.  During each writing time, we selected a lesson to work on, and read it together.  Then, Jackson sat at the computer and wrote for 15 minutes.  (The book includes blank pages with each lesson for the freewriting process.  However, Jackson strongly prefers keyboarding to handwriting, so all his creative writing was on the computer!)  Just as we experienced with the freewriting exercises in Philosophy Adventure, I was surprised and delighted with the concepts and ideas that Jackson imagined and then wrote about.  I am so thankful that we were able to receive Creative Freewriting Adventure and use it in our schoolwork!  Stacy Farrell is not only an impeccable researcher (which you can see here as well as in Home School Adventure Co.’s other curricula), but she is quite a visionary.  She is able to create assignments that truly inspire students to accomplish amazing work.   I look forward to seeing more of her innovative curricula in the future, and I am happy to recommend Creative Freewriting Adventure for your homeschool!

If you’d like to purchase Creative Freewriting Adventure:  a journey into freewriting for your homeschool, Stacy Farrell would like to offer you a code which will provide free shipping for your purchase.  The code is cfa-ships-free and it expires on 9/22/14.  You can purchase Creative Freewriting Adventure from Home School Adventure Co.  It’s available in both a digital edition ($18.95) and in a print edition ($21.95).

Enjoy!  –Wren


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