TOS Crew Review: My Student Logbook

My Student Logbook ReviewOur newest review item that I’d like to share with you came at a perfect time!  Jackson is in 7th grade this year, which makes it a wonderful moment for him to move into the world of personal calendars and tracking his own time and activities.  My Student Logbook has brought us into that world, and I am more than a little excited about it!

The folks at My Student Logbook have created a fantastic tool for students to learn to keep a record of their hours and schoolwork; a daily student logbook.  It is simple and fun to use, and even an encouragement as students discover how much work they do in a week.  Jackson and I received one to use and review at no charge.  It has been such a wonderful tool that I know it will be on our yearly list of school supplies, from now until Jackson graduates!  And something which I really appreciate, which is obvious in so many aspects of this tool, is that it was developed and created by a homeschool family.  Since they’ve lived the life we’re living, they really understand the planning needs of homeschoolers!

The daily student logbooks are offered in two specific forms; dated and undated.  Students can also select from nine different cover pages which are designed for them to select according to their own interests, such as sea life, butterflies, vintage map and so on.  The dated logbooks for this year go from August 2014 to July 2015, or you can select one for 2015.  This format has the year divided into weeks, with one week listed per page.  There is a space for notes.  The undated one has exactly the same format, except the months and dates are left blank so that the user can fill them in.  The My Student Logbook products are available in both physical book form and in PDF format, although the PDF logbooks do not come with a cover choice.  All the daily student logbooks are appropriate for grades 2 and up.

Jackson chose to go with the undated format, and being the science lovers that we are, he selected the space cover for his daily student logbook. a June2014 258The first thing you do when you’ve received your new daily student logbook is go to the My Student Logbook website, which has a brief instructional video which shows you how to set things up for your student’s subjects.  This coaches you on how to put your daily student logbook together and how it will work for your student day by day.  Jackson and I watched it together, and we were ready to go!a Fall 2014 002You can tell from this picture that the piece of paper on the left, the Checklist, is separate from the piece to the right that’s attached to the spiral.  This is a fantastic form of organization that the My Student Logbook folks have created.  You simply list all the subjects that are being studied at the moment on this page.  The little box to the right of each subject is for you to fill in the amount of time needed for each subject.  Then, you fold this sheet over your weekly class schedule and the subjects line up with the corresponding lines on each week’s calendar page.  Your student can easily check off each subject when it’s completed, day by day.  This Checklist is wonderful!  This way, your child doesn’t have to rewrite all of his subjects each week in his planner.  I can’t tell you how handy this is.  You can use and reuse this until your subject lists, your month, your quarter or even your semester changes.

As I mentioned earlier, Jackson and I received the undated daily student logbook.  So, we filled out our subject list on the Checklist page first.  We chose to do this with the subjects in alphabetical order, so that they’d be easy to find.  Then, at the beginning of each week we fill in the dates at the top of each week’s page.  There’s a line for the month, and then we put an abbreviation for each day and the date in the boxes at the top.  I made one slight change for our own record-keeping.  Instead of filling in the time allotted for each subject on the checklist, I put how many times we do the subject each week.  That has been a fantastic help for me as well as Jackson!  I use a paper lesson planner myself for our lessons.  While my own planner is wonderful, it doesn’t really have a section to list how many times each week we need to do our particular lessons to complete them for the year.  For example, we do math and Bible every day.  But our science is divided up among the days.  We do one day of health, one day of astronomy, and 2-3 days of chemistry.  So I have a different box for each of those on Jackson’s daily student logbook.  What a help that is!

There is also a fun segment at the back of the book where you or your student can fill in neat extras, from books he has read, to verses memorized, to favorite activities and events over the year, test records and more.  There’s even an “All About Me” section for your child to log all those personal likes, talents and favorites.  This can be especially wonderful if your child, like mine, isn’t one who would ever make a scrapbook!


a Fall 2014 005

Here’s what Jackson has to say about his daily student logbook:  “My Student Logbook is helpful to keep track of the stuff I’ve done in the day, and to know what subject comes next.  In previous times, there has been some confusion about what subjects went where.  But now, staying by the schedule really helps, so I can know what I have done and what I haven’t very clearly.  I also like the fun vibrant colors on the cover variations.  I really like my space cover but am also happy with the entire thing.”

I have loved many things about My Student Logbook.  Here are some of my favorites:

  • Jackson is learning how to manage his own time and schoolwork, by keeping records of what he spends his school time on
  • He is being introduced to personal planners in a very simple and enjoyable way
  • I can tell at a glance how well we’re doing on our schoolwork, and how far we’re progressing in a given subject
  • It is incredibly simple to learn and use
  • The daily student logbook has a clear plastic cover on the front and a black plastic cover on the back, held together by a spiral; so it’s very durable!

If you’d like to help your students learn some wonderful time management lessons, or if you’d like to introduce them to the concept of personal planning, then My Student Logbook is definitely for you!  It has been an excellent tool for both of us.  As I said earlier, this is going to be on our curriculum list from now on!

You can purchase the daily student logbook from My Student Logbook.  (You can also see all the options of the covers there.)  The print version is available for the 2014-2015 school year, the 2015 calendar year, or in an undated form for $15.00.  The PDF version (instant download) comes in either a Family Use form, for $20, or a Single Use form, for $10.  The Family Use format is fantastic for a family which has more than one child.  Both the Family Use and the Single Use formats can be purchased for either the 2014-2015 school year or the 2015 school year.  They’re truly wonderful tools for homeschool families!

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