Late September Garden

It’s a very enjoyable time for me as a gardener.  Although the sugar snap peas have finished producing, the zucchini continues to and finally—-ALL the tomatoes are turning red!  So we don’t only have cherry tomatoes but we also have beefsteaks and Romas.  Here’s what we’re looking at now!

a Fall 2014 016A cucumber (plus a cucumber blossom above it), almost ready to harvest

a Fall 2014 019Another couple of zucchini on the way.  (Yay!)  These have been so wonderful this summer.  So many things you can make with zucchini!  But they do tend to sneak up on me.  I check them one day, they’re 4 inches long, then the next time I go out to the garden I find this:

a Fall 2014 027Yep, honkers.  Planning to grill these indoors on our grill pan, or shred them for zucchini bread.  They still taste wonderful!  If the seeds get too large they’re inedible, but I suppose if that happens you can just scrape them out before you cook.  That hasn’t happened to us yet but just so you know.

a Fall 2014 021Romas!

a Fall 2014 024And beefsteak toms!

a Fall 2014 012Here’s the latest from the garden this morning.  I took advantage of the tomatoes and some cukes I’d sliced the other day for a cucumber and tomato salad for lunch today.

a Fall 2014 029And a nice big slice of beefsteak tomato on my veggie burger sandwich!

a Fall 2014 030Is there anything fun going on in your garden at the moment?

Enjoy!  –Wren





2 thoughts on “Late September Garden

    • Yay, Jeanne! So glad to hear it. Our yellow squash didn’t accomplish much but everything else has done beautifully too.

      Been thinking of you! How is the writing? 🙂

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