Things We Love: Cattails

Since I was a little girl and first discovered them at camp, I have loved cattails.

a June2014 285There was just something so cool about the shape and texture of the cattails.  They just entranced me!  I was fascinated with these gorgeous things that grew in tall forests of leaves whose shape is reminiscent of yucca plants….just more flexible and without the pointy ends!  The cattails are velvety, plush and just beautiful.  When I was a child, I always wanted to pick them!a June2014 288This patch shows up every late summer, at the end of our street where you wouldn’t necessarily expect them.  I think the ground is a bit sloped there and holds extra water, which provides a perfect environment for the cattails to sprout.  This version is most likely Typha latifolia, which is the most common form found in America.  There’s another U.S. version but its cattails are much longer and thinner than these are, so I doubt these are T. angustifoliaa June2014 008

This last photo was taken a couple of weeks later than the others, and you can see that the life cycle of the cattails has progressed.  The cattails are getting ready to break down and spread their fluffy seeds on the wind as we continue to move into fall.

Still, it’s always a sweet reminder of years gone by!

(Jackson isn’t nearly as entranced with them as his mom, though.)

Enjoy!  –Wren





4 thoughts on “Things We Love: Cattails

  1. I love them too! They are abundant at the pond around the corner from our house. When we walk over there, Caleb always wants me to get him one because he just has to see what’s inside the hot dog! The cattails sprout up and disguise the formerly bare shore adding just the perfect amount of mystery!

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