MY Monopoly: A BzzAgent Review

Are you familiar with BzzAgent?  It is a wonderful word of mouth marketing (WOMM) company that I’ve been involved with since 2008.  BzzAgent provides its “BzzAgents” with free products to try along with coupons to share with friends.  Over the years we’ve been introduced to amazing new foods, cosmetics and even games!  And that is the subject of my newest BzzAgent campaign; Hasbro’s new MY Monopoly!

a Fall 2014 167Our family LOVES Monopoly.  We play it in both the board game format and I have it in Kindle app form, which is awesome to play while I’m riding my stationary bike.  (Because 11 miles worth of bike riding when your scenery never changes isn’t all that exciting.)  So when we were offered the chance to try Hasbro’s newest form of the game, we jumped at it!

MY Monopoly is a customizable game, which you can personalize for your own life!  The board game has the same properties that we’re all used to, but instead of seeing names like St. Charles Place or Boardwalk, only the colors are there, along with a blank spot.  The MY Monopoly game provides you with 4 sheets of stickers.  Via the MY Monopoly website, you upload your favorite photos—family, wedding, vacation spots, special events—and print them on the sticker pages.  Then, you place them not only on the property tokens but also on the Community Chest and Chance cards.

Blank cards for personalized stickers

Blank cards for personalized stickers

Once you’ve added the stickers to the cards, you slide the cards into the property slots and you can also use them for the tokens which each player moves around the board.  The game includes 3 of the Monopoly tokens we all know and love; the battleship, the Scottie dog, the race car, and the game’s newest addition, the cat.  Each of these tokens has a slot along the top to place a photo card.

a Fall 2014 164There are some definite positives (and just a few cons) to the new MY Monopoly game!  Let me share some of them with you.


  • The customizable game is probably the neatest family game option we’ve ever seen.  As I browsed through our family’s photos, which I’d saved on our computer (I started with some from 2007), I was reminded of the amazing and incredible experiences our family has had; vacations, field trips, camping, parties….and of the wonderful memories they contain.  So when we play our new MY Monopoly game, we’re not only enjoying an awesome game night, but remembering wonderful family memories!  I can’t honestly think of another game that can provide that for you.
  • The game contains 4 sticker sheets, so that if you get tired eventually of the photos you’ve printed you can select a new set of photos and add them to the game cards!  The stickers are also easy to reposition, so if you don’t get them aligned just right or decide you don’t like the way a particular one looks, you can remove it without tearing the cards.
  • The MY Monopoly game has the most awesome plastic organizer in the box!  It is nothing short of amazing and something we Monopoly fans have wished for…..well, for decades at least!  Finally, we can keep properties divided and visible, houses and hotels in their own box, and each denomination of Monopoly money in its own slot.  There’s even a space for dice and another for unused cards!


  • While the MY Monopoly website provides a great format for uploading the stickers and printing them accurately, I ran into a few glitches while I was uploading our photos.  You need at least 30 for a sticker page, so this will take awhile.  That wasn’t a problem; however; I had set aside the time for it.  The issue occurred when I was uploading the photos themselves.  Several times I got an error message and was bounced back to my login page, where I had to re-enter my email address and password (which you must set up to use the MY Monopoly site and to enter your photos).  Fortunately, it never lost my photos, it just added an extra bit of work here and there.
  • You’ll need a decent printer to print the photo stickers.  You might be able to save them on a flash drive and take them to Staples or Office Depot, but I’d check with them first.
  • This isn’t a major concern, but the photo cards don’t fit securely in their property slots and they did move around a bit as we played the game and our tokens traveled around the board.
  • Because of this, you’ll need to reset the board each time you play.  When you fold up the board to put it away, all the property cards slide out.

None of these minor issues will keep us from playing MY Monopoly, however.  We absolutely adore the game and the personalized cards of wonderful family memories make it an awesome experience.

a Fall 2014 165In the interests of full transparency, I do have to tell you that the last time Jackson and I played MY Monopoly, he absolutely trounced me.  He landed on and purchased not only the two dark blue properties (formerly known as Park Place and Boardwalk) but the adjoining two brown ones (Mediterranean and Baltic).  Then he put hotels on all four.  I proceeded to whittle down my cash supply by landing on Luxury Tax, Mediterranean and Income Tax during several trips around the board; and then I landed on Boardwalk with a hotel.  Even with mortgaging all my properties and paying all my cash to Jackson, I still came up $300 short.  It was a resounding loss for me, but probably his greatest Monopoly success ever!  🙂

You can purchase MY Monopoly at, and Amazon for $19.99.  If you’re a Monopoly fan and you have amazing photos stashed on your hard drive, this is the Monopoly game for you!

Enjoy!  –Wren



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