Countdown to Thanksgiving – A Review

Golden Prairie Press and Amy Puetz, author of the wonderful Heroes and Heroines of the Past:  American History, have a rich new book available just in time for the Thanksgiving holidays, and just perfect for homeschooling families!

C2ThanksgivingHeaderDoes your family enjoy completing Advent or Jesse Tree activities together?  If so, Amy Puetz’ newest book, which is available in both print form and as an e-book, will be a lovely addition to your family’s Thanksgiving celebration and the days leading up to it.  Countdown to Thanksgiving: Memory Making Stories & Activities for 14 Days Leading Up to Thanksgiving is full of fun activities, heartwarming stories and anecdotes from American history that will provide hours of learning and enjoyment for you and your children as you prepare for the holiday.  Each day for 14 days, you’ll be presented with stories, games and pieces of history you might never have been aware of.  You and your family will have the opportunity to prepare your hearts, homes and spirits for Thanksgiving!

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Ms. Puetz would be much admired by educator Charlotte Mason, I believe, if Charlotte were still alive.  One Mason’s key tenets was that children should be given wholesome and high-quality reading material that is not “twaddle.”  “Twaddle” was Mason’s word for dumbed-down, insipid, worthless or trivial books that added no value to children’s lives.  In contrast, Countdown to Thanksgiving‘s historical or fiction stories are both rich and inspiring, while teaching memorable lessons.  Countdown to Thanksgiving: Memory Making Stories & Activities includes many stories written by authors of previous centuries, yet their messages and characters are as lively today as they would have been to their original audiences.

We also have the opportunity to learn about Sarah Josepha Hale, writer and editor whose tireless campaign helped establish Thanksgiving as a national holiday.  We read Thanksgiving proclamations from various presidents, and even learn a bit about an early chief justice of the Supreme Court.

Ms. Puetz doesn’t stop with only excellent reading materials.  She includes crafts, activities, games and recipes that underline Thanksgiving history while providing fun for learners.  There are even pages of sheet music for Thanksgiving hymns; some of these we know well and others are new to us.  There are recipes I can’t wait for us to try, like Grandma’s Angel Biscuits and Oatmeal Pie, from Ms. Puetz’ own family.  There’s even a wonderful vintage-looking page you can print for your own family to use on Thanksgiving, as you recount all the blessings you’re thankful for.

Countdown to Thanksgiving: Memory Making Stories & Activities for 14 Days Leading Up to Thanksgiving is available from Golden Prairie Press for $17 in either e-book form (with pages in color) or print (with pages in black and white).  However, Amy Puetz is hosting a special sale from November 3-7, 2014, where buyers may use the code THANK to receive $5 off.

I wholeheartedly recommend this for families who’d like to enhance their Thanksgiving celebrations.  It’s perfect for families with children aged 6-14.  Purchase Countdown to Thanksgiving: Memory Making Stories & Activities for 14 Days Leading Up to Thanksgiving and enliven your Thanksgiving celebrations this year!

Enjoy!  –Wren

Disclaimer:  I was provided a free copy of this e-book from Amy Puetz, in exchange for my honest opinion expressed here.  I was not required to write a positive or glowing review, nor was I additionally compensated for these reviews.  On, we share our own opinions, and our family’s opinions, of all products.  We’re disclosing this in accordance with FTC regulations.



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