Things We Love: Rocket Cat!

Hi there! Jackson here.

I have always loved cats. So you could imagine my excitement the first time two years ago when my friend told me about Rocket Cat Adventures, an online game by Progressive, the insurance company. The game stars Mittens, who is Flo’s cat. (Flo is in nearly every Progressive commercial. She is kind of the main person on the commercials.) And Mittens apparently climbed into the bundling machine and came out with a rocket on his back. The animated commercial for the game can be seen here. Flo is seen in the commercial giving an insurance bundle to someone at the Progressive store at the beginning. The player controls Mittens by clicking and holding down their left mouse button. The game is free and can be played here.


Well, what are you waiting for? Fly, Kitty, Fly!

God Bless, and enjoy!



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