Arla Dofino Cheeses—A BzzAgent Review

Are you a lover of specialty cheeses?  Do you like to avoid hormones in dairy products, and provide delicious foods for your family?  Arla Dofino may be perfect for you, then!  Their cheeses are high in calcium and vitamin A, as well as full of protein.  A healthy snack for every member of the family!

Arla Dofino Cheeses have positioned themselves as a cheese line that’s perfect for families.  They produce a variety of wonderful appetizer- and cooking-type cheeses, from Smoked Gouda or Gouda with Chili-Lime, to Dill Havarti or Havarti with Caraway, to various types of both Edam and Fontina.

BzzAgent gave me a coupon for free Arla Dofino, as well as coupons to share with friends and family.  I had my heart set on one of the goudas; it’s been awhile since I’ve had gouda and the flavors Arla Dofino produces sounded incredible.  Sadly, our Kroger store only had the Arla Dofino cheeses in two styles; Dill Havarti and Creamy Havarti.  And since I cannot STAND dill (unless it’s in a dill pickle), I selected the Creamy Havarti.

I found a scrumptious-sounding recipe to use with it as well; Baked Havarti Chicken from  It has lots of my favorite ingredients:  mushrooms, green chilis, butter!  It also requires the Havarti with Dill but I thought I’d substitute the plain.  No dill please!  But then, we had a snowstorm which curtailed our getting out to the grocery store for the extra ingredients.  So, I decided to try it out on hamburgers instead.  We normally use a sharp cheddar on our burgers, but I was up for a change.

Hamburger with havarti (and steak fries!)

Hamburger with havarti (and steak fries!)

The havarti made a nice addition to the burger.  It is very creamy, yet slightly piquant; it was noticeable in a nice way on our delicious ground beef.  Of course, I did think that sauteed mushrooms along with the havarti would have made the perfect burger!  (Again, couldn’t make it out to the store.)

I definitely plan to make the Baked Havarti Chicken, though; once we can get to the store!

Another great way to enjoy havarti is with some tasty crackers and pears, or apple slices.  (Again, no fruit…..because no trip to the store!)  We normally enjoy rice crackers or Wheat Thins with cheese, but we had Garden Vegetable Ritz on hand.  These actually were the perfect complement for the cheese!  They had a lot of extra flavor with vegetables and spices, which offset the havarti nicely.

Creamy Havarti with Garden Vegetable Ritz Crackers

Creamy Havarti with Garden Vegetable Ritz Crackers

You can find Arla Dofino cheeses at many local supermarkets; check their store listing here to find the cheeses in your area.  I’d personally recommend that, if you’re looking for a particular type of cheese, you call the stores first to find out what they carry.  The Creamy Havarti we bought normally retails for $6.99, but of course with our BzzAgent coupon we got it free.  We’re definitely interested in checking out some of their other flavors, though.

Enjoy!  –Wren


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