Favorite eBooks on sale….or free today!

Are you a book lover….and do you have an e-reader?  (If not, you can always download the free Kindle software so that you can read e-books on your computer.)

I am…and I do!  My secret reading weapons include our public library, Amazon, and my favorite e-reader service, Gospel eBooks.  I receive a daily email from Gospel eBooks detailing generous lists of deeply discounted and free books.  (There’s usually at least one freebie, although some days, like today, have many!)  Their notifications include sales and freebies for Christian fiction and nonfiction, children’s books, cookbooks, theology, history…..their offerings are all over the board.

Gospel eBooks | Free & Discount Christian e-Books for the Amazon Kindle

You can visit Gospel eBooks by clicking on this link, but I wanted to tell you about some of my personal faves that are either free or discounted today!

Mitchell's beautiful book

Mitchell’s beautiful book

Siri Mitchell’s A Heart Most Worthy is one of the books I read and reread.  She writes of women across the centuries and the unique challenges they faced simply because of their gender or era.  This book’s tale of 3 young women from Italian immigrant families in pre-WWI Boston is one that will capture your heart, as will her characters.  (See also Mitchell’s Love’s Pursuit, She Walks in Beauty, A Constant Heart, or my Paris adventure favorite, Kissing Adrien.  They’re not, as far as I know, on sale this week, but they’re all well worth the read.)  A Heart Most Worthy is on sale December 15-January 21 for only 99 cents.  Grab this deal while you can!

One of my Coppernoll faves

One of my Coppernoll faves

Chris Coppernoll’s Screen Play is another book I like to pick up and read again from time to time.  Actress Harper’s career seems to be dying on the vine…until she gets the chance to understudy for a famous star in a Broadway play.  Unexpected gifts, surprises and relationships appear on the scene and Harper sees that there is a hand guiding her ways after all.  Screen Play is $1.99 from today until January 5.  Coppernoll’s other books include Providence and A Beautiful Fall…..both beautiful reads.

"Battle Ready"

“Battle Ready”

I haven’t read Steve Farrar‘s Battle Ready, but I know that he’s written books for young men….and since I have a son I took advantage of its offer!  Battle Ready is free December 15-16, so don’t miss this if you have any interest.

And Jill Eileen Smith‘s Michal, about King David’s first wife, is free through December 31.  I haven’t read this one yet but it’s on my Kindle as well.

You’ll find these deals and quite a few others over at Gospel eBooks.  I’ve gotten so many wonderful books from them at rock-bottom prices, or free!

And, remember to vote for the Finch N Wren blog in the category of Best Family or Group Blog over at The Homeschool Post.  You can vote once daily through December 29!

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Enjoy!  –Wren



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