My sub addiction…

Well i’m taking time off from “bad” carbs again! I had developed a very unhealthy addiction to sub sandwiches, specifically, Jersey Mike’s and Jimmie Johns.

Every day I was fighting the temptation and I lost, a lot. I realized that what I had read in different scientific studies was true; eating carbs with a high glycemic index triggers the same areas in your brain that signal cravings and rewards.

Neither my husband or I were ever huge bread, rice or pasta eaters; if we did consume, it was whole wheat or brown rice based.

So I was unprepared for the cravings that resulted when I consumed my first Jimmie John’s sub. They opened a new location down the street from my office (and kindly) brought a ton of sample subs to drive business. I took a veggie sub sample home for dinner and it was fabulous, so much so that the next weekend I talked my husband into swinging by for full size.

Then Jersey Mike’s opened..and there were coupons in the could we not try it?

I decided I had to go cold turkey and fast. My energy levels had dropped and my eating habits were starting to slip into unhealthy areas.

Monday, December 1st: no more bad carbs. So far, I’ve done really well with it and cutting out an entire food group (grains) seems to be easier than picking and choosing. My husband commented today that my face looks slimmer; I didn’t gain weight during this addictive phase, but I did bloat.


The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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