finchnwren wins! :)

Finch and I had an incredible….as my son would say, “epic,” discovery this morning. won The Homeschool Post‘s “Best Family or Group Blog” in their 2014 Homeschool Blog AwardsThe Homeschool Post is a wonderful blog, authored and edited by several amazing homeschoolers (including my friend Sara from Embracing Destiny).  Its blog articles cover everything from family life, to curriculum choices, to encouragement for homeschoolers and moms.  And, they host the Homeschool Blog Awards every year!

There are 20 categories in the Blog Awards, from Current Events, Homemaking, Crafts and others.  We are so thrilled and humbled to have won “Best Family or Group Blog!”

Homeschool Blog Awards winner #hsba2014 at hsbapost.comCan you believe it?  We are so excited!!

Several of my blogging friends also won this award, in the following categories:

Check their blogs out….they are wonderful women with fantastic (clearly!) blogs!

We are very, very grateful for each one of our followers, and for our dear friends and family.  Bless each of you and thank you for voting!

Hugs!  –Finch and Wren


6 thoughts on “finchnwren wins! :)

  1. Woohoo! Congrats! Do you get anything for winning, or just fame and satisfaction that you are reaching “the masses”?:)

    • Thank you, Shan!! Yes, actually both! So, I am basking in the joy of the win….and they’ll be doing a drawing for the winners in Feb. So we’ll see what’ll be coming.

      It’s really such a sweet gift from the Lord!

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