5 on the Fifth–February

My friend Marcy at Ben and Me has a cool new series, called 5 on the Fifth.  In this series, Marcy mentions (and links to) 5 excellent blog posts that she’s read over the last month.

5 on the Fifth

And of course, in our blogging adventure, Finch and I run into a lot of excellent writing, wonderful ideas or encouraging words.  In the best sense of this….here are some wonderful bloggers, and their posts, that have inspired me over the past month!

 photo 2a3fb868-76a9-430b-a216-119969def97a_zps3d3f0992.jpg

Like many of you, I like to spend part of my day in God’s Word.

I’ve followed many Bible reading plans, and used a variety of Bible studies over the years.

This year, I was looking for something new.  And I found it on my friend Angela’s blog, Gallimaufry Grove!  At the beginning of January, Angela (who’s a good friend, a favorite blogger AND a fellow winner of The Homeschool Post’s Best Blog Awards….not to mention one of the FUNNIER women I know) posted the Easy Bible Reading Plan:

bible planI LOVE this plan.  With it, you can really read through the entire Bible in a year.

It’s arranged in a wonderful fashion.  You read a few chapters in different categories, each day of the week.  For example, on Sundays, you read from the Epistles.  On Wednesday, the Psalms.  On Tuesdays, the Law.  On Saturdays, the Gospels.  And so on!

BiblePlanIt’s arranged so that each day, you have a good amount of reading to do….but not too much.  And each day, you’re reading from a different category of book….yet you’re still covering ALL of the Bible.

I love it.  It is so inspiring, and just right for my mornings!


I Choose Joy!

The second post I’d like to share with you today is from my Schoolhouse Review Crew crewmate, Gena, from I Choose Joy.  Although I don’t have a ninth grader yet (I have a seventh grader), we’re moving toward that.  Which is why I found her post on getting ready for it so helpful.  How neat that folks out there are thinking about this….and preparing for it!

Preparing to Homeschool a 9th Grader–The How-To Book

In this post, the first of a series, Gena introduces us to a book by Lee Binz.  How to Homeschool 9th and 10th Grades:  Simple Steps for Staying Strong covers important courses for students, setting priorities, electives, record-keeping, college finances, and much more.  Preparing to Homeschool a 9th Grader–The How-To Book helps a parent not only to be aware of important planning for children beginning high school, but also provides many tools to smooth that journey.

Gena will be continuing this series on preparing to homeschool 9th graders, so you can continue to visit I Choose Joy this month!

How to Raise Money-Conscious Children

My friend Heather at Thrift Schooling is another fellow winner of one of The Homeschool Post Blog Awards, this time for (you might have guessed), thrifty homeschooling!  Heather blogs about a lovely variety of subjects.  She’s also someone who’s been an incredible encourager to me this year.  In this post, her guest blogger Mark Smith details tips that can help us to raise children who understand the value of a dollar, as well as saving and spending well.  How to Raise Money-Conscious Children is a useful post.  Smith shares ideas for setting spending limits, saving, allowances, bargain-shopping and respecting others.  Oh, and let’s not forget the one on setting a good example for our children in the way we handle money!

You can certainly see why Heather would include this post on her blog; it fits in so beautifully with her theme and purpose.  But it’s also wonderful for the rest of us!

Happily Ever After Etc.

Making the Old, New:  How to Refresh Knick-knacks

Betsy from Happily Ever After, Etc. (isn’t that the cutest name ever?) is a new blogging friend that I met last month at a blogging webinar.  She is a creative and devoted DIYer, and, because I love a crafty project (although I may never get to it) I signed up to follow her blog.  (And because her blog name was so cute!)

I told Betsy that I have been an avoider of glitter for a LONG time.  It is just one of those things.  It gets everywhere, I’m always kind of freaking out about getting on my face, and…well…you know.

But she uses glitter in the neatest ways.  In How to Refresh Knick-Knacks, Betsy glitters-up some old deer figurines from her childhood.  I love them!

But my favorite thing in that post is what she did with her leftover glitter and some letters.  You must go and see what her LOVE letters look like!

HSBA Vote for This Blog
Resolutions for a Homeschool Mom

The last post I ran across this month that was especially meaningful to me was from The Homeschool Post.

And it wasn’t even from this year!

But its message was timeless.  Sprittibee’s Resolutions for a Homeschool Mom reminded me of some of the priorities I want to remember as I homeschool….things that may be difficult to remember on a challenging day.  Or a fussy one.  (Whether it’s me or the kiddo, frankly!)  Scheduling, home chores, calendars, exercise…..and more!

Taking care of ourselves enables us to be the best we can in our homeschools and in our families.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first 5 on the 5th post.  In case you’d like to see other examples of stellar writing, hopeful encouragement, and fun, click on Marcy’s button at the top of this post and it will take you right to the linkup page!  I hope to share more of these with you in the future!

Enjoy!  –Wren


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