Things I Love…..National Sticky Bun Day!

Dear Readers,

How appropriate for a Saturday…the weekend seems to be the only time we allow ourselves to indulge in guilty little pleasures such as these; although I don’t really know if I’ve actually had a sticky bun as defined here…more like the Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls my sister and I would make as kids, so fun popping that tube open! Only one kind back then…now there are tons! And, of course, who can forget that phenomenon known as Cinnabon, which seems to have taken over the country…even in Airports! The smell is quite heavenly as you stroll by (I’ve been threatening to try one for years, but alas, sweets aren’t my thing). But if you’re so inclined,bake or buy a batch today!


National Sticky Bun Day is celebrated annually on February 21.

Originally known as “Schnecken” and still is considered to be a Philadelphia specialty, it is believed that the sticky buns origin in the United States began in the 18th century when the German settlers brought them along when they began settling near Pennsylvania.

Most often served for breakfast or as a dessert, sticky buns generally consist of rolled pieces of leavened dough that most often contain brown sugar and/or cinnamon.  Prior to the dough being placed in the pan, the pan is lined with it’s “sticky” ingredients such as: maple syrup, honey, nuts, sugar and butter.  When the buns are finished baking, they are then flipped upside down so that the “sticky” bottom then becomes the topping.

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One thought on “Things I Love…..National Sticky Bun Day!

  1. Our family serves cinnamon rolls on birthday mornings — now we have another day to serve them on!
    ~Lee (contributing nature kid posts to

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