5 on the Fifth–Favorite Blog Posts from March

Welcome to March 5!

5 on the Fifth

My friend Marcy at Ben and Me has a neat new linky party, where she shares five amazing blog posts that she’s read over the past month.  There’s so much amazing stuff out there in the blogosphere…and I love visiting Marcy’s “5 on the 5th” to see the excellent writing she’s encountered and is sharing.  I’m joining in, too.  Here are 5 of my favorites from this month.  They’re all actually fellow Crew members of mine from the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  Enjoy!

Leah from Ponderings from My Heart

Leah from Ponderings from My Heart

Leah from Ponderings from My Heart  actually used and reviewed the same items from Koru Naturals that I did, and had equally grand experiences with them!  However, she used them in some different ways than we did, and wrote a wonderful review of the Koolpurrie Restoring Balm and the Pure Emu Oil.  Her pictures are absolutely beautiful; I enjoyed them so much I wanted to share all her work with you!  I need her to teach me photography.  🙂

Edible cell design from A Net in Time Schooling

Edible cell design from A Net in Time Schooling

Annette from A Net in Time Schooling is another fellow Crew member.  She’s also the mom of an only boy child, just like I am!  I always love reading about other only child families.  I’ll be featuring her eventually in our Family, Fun & Homeschooling Series, later this spring.  But I was captivated by her incredible science experiment.  She and her son were studying cell design, and they created these amazing replicas of plant and animal cells…..made out of food, candies and Jello!  What a creative learning experience.


Debra at Footprints in the Butter

Debra at Footprints in the Butter

My friend Debra is yet ANOTHER friend from the Schoolhouse Review Crew!  She is actually on the Crew leadership team, along with two other amazing women.  She wrote the most honest and real post on her blog, Footprints in the Butter, that was so encouraging to me…and I think it will be to you as well.  It’s called Yesterday I was THAT Mom.  So well worth the read.

bronze bow2

My friend Leah from As We Walk Along the Road has a new linky party called “Read Aloud Wednesdays,” which is a perfect place to share neat family read-aloud books and experiences!  I’ve participated in Leah’s linky several times, but I’ve realized that we DO a lot more read-alouds than I write about.  Which I can’t figure out….since books are one of my favorite, favorite things ever.

The Bronze Bow is a fantastic book by Elizabeth George Speare, and I can’t wait to share it with Jackson next year.  Leah’s family read it too, and she did a wonderful “Read Aloud Wednesdays” post on it.  She even created some great graphic pages and Q&As to use along with it.


Counting Pinecones

My last blog fave for the month comes from Brenda at Counting Pinecones.  I actually featured her a couple of weeks ago, on Family, Fun & Homeschooling.  She and her entire family love stargazing and astronomy, and her husband is starting a new series on her blog about the subject.  Check out What’s in the Skies This Month for some incredible space information!

You can visit Marcy’s “5 on the 5th” March linky party today, where you’ll be able to find more fabulous blog posts!

Enjoy!  –Wren





2 thoughts on “5 on the Fifth–Favorite Blog Posts from March

  1. thanks for linking me! That cell post was just fun to do. 🙂 And debras post…. good wasn’t it? 🙂 I linked up my five as well… not as pretty as your post though.

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