Family, Fun & Homeschooling ~ Meet Jennifer from Chestnut Grove Academy

Welcome to this week’s Family, Fun & Homeschooling!

F,F & H finchnwren.comToday, I’m so happy to introduce you to Jennifer from Chestnut Grove Academy.  She’s a fellow Schoolhouse Review Crew blogger who–like us–loves field trips!  She even has a linkup party to share their favorite ones.  Read on to learn more about that, and about Jennifer and her family!

Tell us about your blog.  What was the spark of the idea that enabled you to create your blog?
I decided to start my blog as a way of being accountable to myself.  I was worried about losing motivation; I figured if I had to post about what we were doing, I’d make sure we were doing something to post about!  Plus there are so many great blogs out there that I have gained ideas and inspiration from, I wanted to give back a little, and hoped that I might be of help to some others.

Do you have a favorite blogging topic that you return to again and again?
I’m pretty passionate about Field Trips and Workboxing; those are my main blog posts, I host link ups each week for those topics.  I also like to do unit type studies (I’m very eclectic) and some ideas for toddlers.  I wish I had more time to blog about crafting, but I rarely have time to craft!

Jennifer's beautiful family

Jennifer’s beautiful family

Tell us about your family.  How did you and your husband meet?  And what would you like to share about your children?
I have 4 kids – 3 boys, 1 girl.  They are 8, 5, 4 and the girl is 15mos old.  My husband and I met while serving in the Army in Monterey, CA.  We were attending our training school there.  We are both civilians now; I received a medical discharge for Fibromyalgia after 2yrs 8mos in and my husband served his full 6years, with one tour to Iraq.  We will be celebrating our 13year anniversary the 15th of Feb!

What made you decide to homeschool?
Homeschooling is not something I ever thought about before having kids.  When my oldest was about 2, I really started to look into it.  He was advanced for his age, and I was worried about him being bored mostly, I thought I would homeschool at least until he was old enough to enter the magnet program in our county…but we are in it for the long haul now (I think).  Every day (it seems) I find more and more reasons why I’m glad I homeschool, which is good, because it’s not always easy!

What does a typical day in your homeschool look like?
I roll out of bed about 730/8 and make breakfast.  I used to be a morning person, but since having kids enjoy the quiet house in the evening WAY too much.  We try to get school started by 9/930.  I encourage my oldest to do some of his computer school work before that (he is an early riser).  I start with my 8yo first, and then about 10am I encourage the other 2 to do school as well.  We typically finish up about 1230 and have lunch.  Our afternoons are usually pretty busy with sports, speech, etc..  My oldest also has to do his computer work if he didn’t finish it in the morning.  We like to watch topic-related shows in the afternoons as well, and play games…when there is time.

Do you have a favorite “date night” you love to do?
Date nights are hard to come by with 4 kids…BUT…I am lucky enough to have an aunt that lives nearby and can usually snag her once every other month to babysit.  My parents are also about 2hrs away and if we get really desperate will come up.  We like to have a quiet dinner with kids!  We also enjoy attending the temple (we are LDS).  Really just having quiet, non-interrupted conversation is golden!
What are some of your favorite mama-child activities?
We have a rotating date night with our kids.  So I have date night with one each month for 3 months (the baby isn’t in the rotation, yet) and then my husband has one a month for 3 months, and then my turn again.  I wish we could do it more often, but I do really enjoy just having that one on one time for even a small bit.  I think it’s something they really enjoy and look forward to as well.
Is there anything else you’d like to share?
Life as a mom, especially a homeschool mom, can sometimes be discouraging, hang in there!  Remember the great moments, even if they seem to be few and far between, they make it all worth it!

Thank you for joining us for this week’s Family, Fun & Homeschooling!  If you’d like to hop over and see more about Jennifer and her family, fun and field trips, visit Chestnut Grove Academy.Jen Altman blog button

And join us next week for another episode of Family, Fun & Homeschooling!

Enjoy!  –Wren


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