Garden Party Linky ~ Garden Planting

Thanks for joining me and Kemi again for our Garden Party linkup!  How is your garden coming along?

Garden Party CMine is coming along slowly.  But I hope, surely.  I’ve gotten more seeds in the ground…but I have also encountered the dreaded garden varmint!  (More on that a little later.)

What’s Gone in the Ground

In my region, freezes are still highly likely thru about May 20.  (Does that sound like Jan Karon’s Mitford books?  Because it should!)  So I am still working off the list of what can go in the ground in April.  I’ve added four types of seed to our raised garden bed.  Here’s our original plan:

Here's what we're growing!

Here’s the original plan!

In early April, I planted the sugar snap peas and some sprouted garlic heads.

Sugar snap pea sprouts with garlic to the side

Sugar snap pea sprouts with garlic to the right, and volunteer green onions on the upper left

But finally, I was able to add more!




Because I thought the beets might require a little more depth than some of the other things I’m planting, I put them in a larger container.  I already had some sugar snap peas there but planted 9 sets of beet seeds (following the square foot gardening instructions) there.

I’ve never grown beets before, but there are so many ways to use them and they’re SO good for you.  Apparently you can stage beet plantings about 20 days apart, and harvest at the end of 70 days.  That would put our harvest around the beginning of July sometime.  I am hoping to get another set started at the end of May.


Our carrots also went into the ground.  According to Square Foot Gardening, you can plant 16 carrots per square foot.  So that’s what I did!  I have two square feet devoted to them.

Carrots’ flavor is apparently enhanced by frosts.  Which makes me happy because we have definitely had some snow!  And some colder, wetter days.  I hope that will bring us some great carroty results.

Harvesting time is about 2 1/2 months.




Cukes take up a lot more room than beets or carrots; they’re kind of like squash that way.  I planted two seeds (actually four; I’ll pinch off the weaker two) in two square foot sections.  I am hoping I didn’t get them in the ground too early; if I did, I’ll just plant some more later this month.  Apparently they like ground temps of 70 degrees F!  And it is definitely not 70 degrees today.  I’m on a “wait and see” plan with these.




Radishes are another veggie that you can cram a lot of into a square foot—16 radish plants (or seeds) per square.  You can see that I planted them in holes–4 by 4.  We’ve got two square feet of them.  Harvest time is quick—around 4 weeks!  And, they do better with cool weather so while I’ll probably replant them, I won’t be doing it in June or July.  Maybe late August for an early fall crop.

Here's an early radish cotyledon!

Here’s an early radish cotyledon!


I planted our peonies 15 years ago.  They are single peonies that vary in our garden from white to pale pink to fuschia.  They have been so faithful and have bloomed every year since then.  They are one of the most wonderful parts of gardening to me, because of their beauty and their scent.

a March 2015 265

Now, the stalks are just growing–speedily–upright.  The buds are forming.  Looking so forward to more!

And now, the sad part….

Our garden has been beset by voles.  Don’t know what a vole is?  It’s, as Gollum would say, “a nasty little rodent.”  They’re between mice and rats in size.  And THEY. EAT. ROOTS. OF. PLANTS.  Ugh!

Last summer we saw some evidence of them but were able to break down their tunnels, and they didn’t get into any of our plants.  But they are back.  It doesn’t look like they have attacked any plants yet.  But their tunneling had this result on my little garden angel statue:

Garden angel....above a tunnel

Garden angel….above a tunnel

Yes, she is supposed to be standing upright.

What’s worse is the fact that I am absolutely creeped out by them.  I am so grossed out that something like this is traipsing around (and under) my garden.

Hubby to the rescue!  Yes, we now have mousetraps set around the garden.  Lord willing, we’ll be able to (cough) get rid of them all before much time goes by.  They are NOT my friends.

Lovely chives with seed pods

Lovely chives with seed pods

And be sure to visit Kemi at Homemaking Organized for her gardening post this month:  We’re Planting Our Garden!

What’s going on in your garden this month?

Link up your gardening posts below and share with us!



Enjoy! –Wren


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