Family, Fun & Homeschooling ~ Featuring Jenna from It’s A Sunshiney Day

Welcome to this week’s Family, Fun & Homeschooling!

F,F & H finchnwren.comThis week, I’m so happy to introduce you to another friend from the Schoolhouse Review Crew!  Jenna actually has two blogs.  She has a blog at BlogHer (an enviable position which has an incredibly long waiting list—last I heard there were 1000 gals who wanted a BlogHer blog) called SunshineyDay, and another one at It’s A Sunshiney Day.  She’s an ultra-real mom who writes about life as it really is….and can be!

Here’s Jenna!

Tell us about your blog. What was the spark of the idea that enabled you to create your blog?

I started blogging as a way to document what our life was like while we were foster parents. As it turned out, I had no time to blog or even breathe that year. When I came back to my blog it was with more purpose. I now write to encourage other mothers, to find humor and love in the crazy parts of motherhood, and to remind myself that Jesus is the center of this crazy life, even when I don’t see it all the time. I also adore sewing and a lot of my posts are about the projects I am working on. I love good visual inspiration so I like to put my projects out there for others to get inspired as well.

Do you have a favorite blogging topic that you return to again and again?

My four kids are all 7 and under so I talk about homeschooling them, cooking with them, and life with little kids. If I am sewing a new quilt, making skirts, or working on a wall hanging, that usually makes it into my blog too.

Tell us about your family. How did you and your husband meet? And what would you like to share about your child?
My husband was a true knight in shining armor. My brakes went out on my car and I was working all the way across the city from where I lived at the time. I didn’t know anyone nearby, so I called a co-worker to see if she could help. She called her brother because she didn’t know what else to do. He helped me get my car to a shop and drove me home. I knew when I met him that I wanted to marry a man just like him. We’ve now been married for almost 8 years.

We have four kids and on my blog they are lovingly referred to as Turbo (7), The Toolman (5), The Princess (3), and Butter (1). They keep my life interesting and filled with laughter. My boys love to build, climb, run, explore, hike, and garden alongside me. My baby girl likes the same things, only she wears a fluffy dress while she is doing them.

What made you decide to homeschool?

There are a lot of things that led to our choice to homeschool. The biggest thing I can say is that God led us here. It suits our family well and my kids are eager learners (unless it’s grammar rules and phonics!) and they are thriving in this type of schooling environment.

 photo 20141210_092338.jpg

What does a day in your homeschool look like?
Our days are all different. We try to always study the Bible, do math, read at least one book (though it is usually much more than one), do handwriting, and get lots of exercise outside. We finish “school” by noon and afternoons are usually cooking together, games together, educational shows (the boys LOVE Wild Kratts right now and have a ton of animal facts memorized), building with their daddy if he is home, or doing puzzles and Legos. I like to think we are almost always learning and I am always trying to teach morals, Bible stories, Bible verses, and character throughout our day. Bedtime is at 8 so I can make sure to devote time to my marriage as well.

Do you have a favorite “date night” you love to do?

With our kids being as young as they are and no family around to support us, we don’t get out much. I love buying a special “adults only” dinner to share after the kids are in bed. If I can talk my husband into a friendly game (whether on the X-Box or a board game) those are my favorite nights.

What are some of your favorite mama-child activities?

We have a lot of tea parties where we make a treat to have as a snack and then have tea together. Me and the Princess often dress nicely for these because it’s fun. We use nice napkins and a proper tea set.

I love to cook with my kids and each one has a day of the week that is “theirs”. On their day they choose and help cook dinner.

We also garden together and it has been a joy to watch my little ones go pick peas or a radish out of the garden and eat it fresh. They get a kick out of it and I don’t have to force vegetables on them.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

If any of this sounds to good to be true, I encourage you to realize that I am giving you a snippet of my life, and I am talking about the things I love. We have our own struggles like every other family. My kids don’t always get along, and my house is not always spic-and-span. Real life is messy and complicated, not like a blog, or a Facebook post, or 150 characters in a tweet. I think we have an obligation to one another to not judge over petty things or try to make ourselves seem more amazing than anyone else. That’s real. God is perfect and I am just trying to do my little part in my life to do what is right as much as I can. None of us is perfect.

If you enjoy a little humor and want to see a peek at the messes and mishaps that go along with my life, you can check out my series “Reasons Why Mommy Needs Her Quiet Time” every Wednesday at It’s A Sunshiney Day!

Thank you so much for joining us today for Family, Fun & Homeschooling.  Be sure to check out Jenna’s blogs—you’ll find more wonderful life and writing!

We’ll be back next week with another Family, Fun & Homeschooling.  Hope to see you then!

Enjoy!  –Wren


2 thoughts on “Family, Fun & Homeschooling ~ Featuring Jenna from It’s A Sunshiney Day

  1. It’s so nice to get to know Jenna better! And, Jenna I love the reminder to be real. I often feel as if I give my best moments when I’m blogging about something our wrap up for the week. I share the warm, fuzzy moments when we were all learning and loving. But I leave out the snipping with each other and arguing and the need to constantly “encourage” school work getting done. You give an excellent reminder!

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