Gardening Fun with Kids—Wren’s Guest post over at The Homeschool Post

Good morning!

So….have you started your gardening adventures for the summer yet?  Gardening has been my summer passion for awhile.  I adore the entire process.  Whether I’m planning, planting, or (yes, my fave) harvesting, I enjoy every single minute of it.  And getting your kids involved in the process not only teaches them a lot about gardening, but provides family fun as well!  I’m sharing 5 fun ways for you to get your kids involved in gardening, in my guest post for The Homeschool Post!

Get your garden going!

Get your garden going!

Click over to read 5 Ideas for Gardening Fun With Kids!

You might remember The Homeschool Post from their yearly blog awards, but there’s even more amazing homeschool stuff going on over there!  You can read helpful posts to encourage you, tips for effective homeschooling (in all its forms) and join their monthly Homeschool Blog and Tell Link-up.  There is so much over there.  It’s one of my favorite blogs to visit…and subscribe to!

Hope you’re having a lovely summer day.

Enjoy!  –Wren


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