“Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal” from Apologia ~ A TOS Review

Have you ever wished you had a way to record all the amazing field trips your children take?  If you have, then Apologia Educational Ministries‘ new Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal will delight you!  We recently received a copy to review and it really inspired us!

Apologia FT 2

We have taken dozens of amazing field trips throughout our years of homeschooling.  And yes, we do have pictures and memorabilia from them.  But, other than in our lesson planners and photo albums, we don’t have a spot where we can collect all those amazing memories into one place.

Apologia to the rescue!  Their incredible Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal is everything I’ve been looking for and more, so that my son can record all the cool experiences we’ve had on field trips.  And it’s not only full of journaling pages to complete!  It has many other neat resources and even ideas for families to explore.  This 8 1/2″ x 11″ spiral-bound book is laminated on the front and back cover, so it’s very durable (and should last you as long as it takes to fill it up!).  Then, the pages themselves are colorful and made of stock card.  So the entire journal is very sturdy (as well as beautiful–it’s decorative AND functional!).  The journal pages are also very creatively arranged, with fantastic graphic designs, which makes them fun to fill out.

There are pages on “Preparing for a Field Trip,” which include tips for parents, kids and teachers to use before and during the experiences.  There are lists of field trip ideas (over a hundred!), so parents can use this as a planning resource.  There are pages where children can list field trips taken, and even maps where they can mark the places they’ve visited.

from our trip to the art museum

from our trip to the art museum

Then, a big chunk of the journal is devoted to “Specific Trip” pages.  These two-page facing layouts offer students creative ways to talk about their field trips and how they impacted them.  There are journaling lines as well as drawing space on these pages.  Students can take these journals on their field trips, or leave them at home and record their memories when they return.

The next segment is called “My Special Spot.”  This is an innovative section where students can select a special place they enjoy in the great outdoors.  Anywhere–as long as it’s not inside!  They then set aside time to visit and record their experiences in this spot—once in every season.  What an inventive way to help kids to notice and experience their world!

The last portion of the journal, “As I See It,” is a section of blank pages with writing prompts or simply empty spaces to fill.  These can just be records of a child’s thoughts, observations, imaginative experiences—anything they’d like to record!


from a special  field trip

record of a special field trip

Our thoughts about the Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal

First, I have to say that we ALWAYS love Apologia’s books and curricula.  There hasn’t been one thing we’ve used from this company that has not failed to impress us and inspire us.  So, our expectations were fairly high!

But those expectations weren’t only met, they were exceeded.  I loved the colorful layout and presentation of each and every page.  It is truly a gorgeous book!  There isn’t a child out there, I believe, who wouldn’t be excited to use this journal for field trips.  The laminated cover and stock card pages make it durable outside and sturdy inside for attaching memorabilia and photos.

from a special walk

from a special walk

I also love the way Apologia encourages creativity in children; and, in our busy and technology-driven world, helps them to slow down and experience the world around them.  And, gets them outside, as well as offering them ways and space to record their lives and interesting experiences.

My son, who’s 13, truly enjoyed the Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal.  We didn’t have any field trips scheduled for the early part of this semester, and being able to review this new resource from Apologia really whetted our appetites for fun ones!  We got to set aside time for three very different ones (a special trip to the movies, an art museum, and an unusual event at a public garden).  We not only loved the field trips, but Jackson loved having a cool journal to record his ideas and experiences.

You can purchase the Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal from Apologia Educational Ministries for $22.  You can also see sample pages at their website.  It is a fabulous tool for any homeschooling family!
You can learn more about Apologia at their social media sites:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apologiaworld/timeline
Twitter: https://twitter.com/apologiaworld
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/apologia/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/105053356034237782125

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal ReviewCrew DisclaimerEnjoy! –Wren


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