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I’d love to introduce you to my friend Jennifer, from A “Peace” of Mind today!  Jennifer is a fellow reviewer for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  And, she’s pretty amazing!  She’s the mom of a large family and is deeply  devoted to Christ.  You’ll also find her linking up in Kemi’s and my Garden Party Linky this month!

Read on to learn all about Jennifer!

Tell us about your blog. What was the spark of the idea that enabled you to create
your blog?

My blog is called A “Peace” of Mind. It was started in September 2010 “ To Blog or Not to
Blog.” I had been told for a long time I should write a book; share my life experiences and
so called wisdom. :­) Needless to say my blog began after a few friends “pushed” me
(gently of course) to begin writing and sharing my thoughts, my testimony ­ and then my
homeschool days too, online. At about the same time I learned of Master Books
reviewers program and so, thus began, my journey as a blogger. I named my blog A
“Peace” of Mind when I realized, so soon after I began blogging too, that there was a
peace that came from sharing and putting thoughts and experiences down for others to
see. I also learned quickly that others seemed to find a bit of their own peace, within my
ramblings. haha I pray that in whatever I write, it gives someone, somewhere a “peace”

Do you have a favorite blogging topic that you return to again and again?

I absolutely love to blog about the Bible. As I study (I lead groups for Love God Greatly,
too) I feel such a need to share all that He reveals to me as I read and study His word. Of
course I also love to blog about the various things we use and do in our homeschool so ­
Can I say its a tie between these two :­D

Tell us about your family. How did you and your husband meet? And what would you like to share about your children?

My husband and I met through a friend, online­ it really does happen, and while we are a
bit crazy ourselves, it can be a success. It was long before either of us was living for God.
We were as different as night and day (still are) but there was something that really drew
us to each other. We had lots of fun together and in time the Lord drew him and then
myself and we were married shortly after our second son was born in 2009. Its been an
amazing time I must say! Or as my husband teases he “Didn’t see this coming.” lol

Jennifer King son 1As for our kids ­ Tyler is our oldest son. He loves art, and music, foreign languages and
softball. He is learning computer coding and design right now. He is an amazing Bible
Quizzer and he loves to sing too! He is 9 years old and always busy with something.

Jennifer King son 2Then there is Alexander; he is 5. Very inquisitive. He loves to build with his kid wood and
real stuff too when daddy lets him. He is a big animal lover, is learning to read ­ He loves
to help momma vacuum the house too.

Jennifer King daughterCora is three ­ she has quite the collection of dolls and ponies. Loves them! She also really likes to snuggle and read and sing and help her momma in the kitchen.  Cora couldn’t wait to be a big sister either!

We do have a darling little girl with us now – almost 8 weeks old – how the time flies by!  She is such a joy to all of our family.  Always being snuggled and loved by a brother or sister, too.  Blessings from the Lord…Rachel Madison with the sweetest blue eyes and the biggest smiles ~!  How we love her so.

What made you decide to homeschool?

We always knew we would homeschool our children. Where we live the schools are just
not safe; the education provided is poor and there are so many troubles we believe
children should not have to endure at such an early age. It helped too that our oldest was
a “gifted” child so this was another reason to give him an education that was made just for
him. Love the freedom; the ability to do what works for each child individually and enjoy
the process of learning too. Shouldn’t our children learn to love learning? Once we were
saved of course, it was so clear to me that we cannot send our children into a place where
even Christ is not welcome. We are their shepherds and as such need to keep them in the
fold, safe and protected. We need to train them up every momemt of every day, in His
ways and His word and this can only be done in our own homes .

What does a day in your homeschool look like?

Our days are always a bit different. Out of the box . We do lots of Bible study ­ our kids
are Bible Quizzers and this year its all the Book of Proverbs ­ so we practice verses,
memory work and understanding/application lessons, songs too. We have plenty of art
time most days; my oldest loves to make comics and draw cartoons ­ our younger two
enjoy coloring too. My oldest is learning Chinese so this is something he practices
throughout the week; we also do a bit of German too. While they do this we will do history
(maybe a video or story I read out loud) At some point, usualy after lunch we head to the
computer to work through some wonderful online programs (science, math,
reading/grammar). These do change depending on what we are reviewing for the
Schoolhouse Review Crew. All are lots of awesome learning fun though.

After that we may play a game of cribbage, chess, Go Fish or one of too many board
games. Some days we just curl up on the couch and either read some more or watch a
fun show to wind down for the evening. Some nights our boys have activities at our
church or with their Cub Scout pack so those evenings especially we try to rest a bit
before those few later evenings we do have. And of course in between all of this, there
can be copywork, there can be outdoor/indoor freeplay ­building of forts, legos and
lincoln logs, music, arts and crafts, model building or puzzles or just some free fun!

Do you have a favorite “date night” you love to do?

We both love Chili’s ­ guacamole and chips ­ an endless supply. He loves to watch his
shows and movies; I prefer to read whether quietly or out loud. Either way we enjoy our
time together. :­)

What are some of your favorite mama­-child activities?

We love music ­ to sing, play our keyboard or guitar or flute (I used to be pretty good if I
do say so myself lol) And reading ­ reading is huge! When it’s nice here in Wisconsin then
I would say walks or hikes and bike rides….Not sure I remember what summer is like
though, ­ it’s been awhile.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I love the Lord and I love being a home educator ~ both are passions of mine and I strive
in both of them to show Christ to others. Have I mentioned we have a few wonderful
daughters and a son, via international exchange ~ ministering to so many who need the
truth only Jesus can give. Just seeking in all I do to win souls for His Kingdom ❤


Hasn’t it been amazing to learn more about Jennifer and her life and family?  She has such an interesting life story!  🙂  Be sure to hop over and visit her at A “Peace” of Mind ~ I believe you’ll find her blog wonderful reading.   One of her recent posts that I enjoyed was “Let’s Get Frugal,” which shares some great links for homeschooling on a budget.

Thanks for joining us today.  Check back next week to meet another amazing blogger in Family, Fun & Homeschooling! 

Enjoy!  –Wren


4 thoughts on “Family, Fun & Homeschooling ~ Featuring Jennifer from A “Peace” of Mind

  1. Lovely interview with Jennifer. Her homeschool days sound so fun. What a great story of coming to Christ and the lovely family that she and her husband have created. Hi Jennifer!

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