Family, Fun & Homeschooling ~ Featuring Brandy from Kingdom Academy Homeschool

Welcome back to another Family, Fun & Homeschooling!

F,F & H

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Brandy from Kingdom Academy Homeschool.  Brandy is, like me, a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  We’ve reviewed “together” (meaning we’re both on the Crew but live very far apart from each other) for a couple of years.  Like us, she is a mama of boys, and she and her family live in our family’s hands’ down favorite vacation spot!  Read on to meet Brandy!

Tell us about your blog. What was the spark of the idea that enabled you to
create it?

When I first started homeschooling several years ago I did lots of research and
most of that was from blogs by other homeschool moms. I thought it might be fun
to do that myself. Then the opportunity to join the Homeschool Review Crew
came up and it just took off.

Do you have a favorite blogging topic that you return to again and again?

I LOVE to cook so I blog a lot of my favorite recipes.

Brandy and famTell us about your family. How did you and your husband meet? And what
would you like to share about your child/children?

My husband was my best friend’s older brother, so I developed a HUGE crush on
him back when I was 17. When I was 21 he finally asked me out on a date and
we married 8 months later. We are the parents to two very active boys and as a
family we love to travel and spend time outdoors.

Brandy B baby boys

What made you decide to homeschool?

I felt a real longing to be home with my kids and then I met a homeschool family
at church. I was already a middle school teacher and I fell in love with the idea.
With lots of prayer and conversation, I was able to convince my hubby to let me
give it a try and now he loves it too. He is a firefighter, so it’s nice to spend time
as a family on his days off.

Brandy B pool

What does a day in your homeschool look like?

Usually we get up in the morning and my high schooler gets to work on his own. I
do some subjects with my middle schooler, and try to get some housework done.
I am also a freelance writer so I try to spend a couple of hours on the computer to
get some work done. If my hubby is off and the weather is nice, we spend our
afternoons at the beach or by the pool. (We live in Florida so we pretty much
have year-round outdoor weather!) We like to end our day by taking our dogs on
a walk down to the river after dinner.

Do you have a favorite “date night” you love to do?

Pretty much anything. I love going out to dinner. We live near a couple of places
that offer music and comedy a few nights a week. We also hang out with friends.
Sometimes when the kids are at church, we order Chinese and watch movies.


Brandy B hub and fam

What are some of your favorite mama-child activities?

My youngest son and I love watching “Leave it to Beaver” on Netflix. My boys
and I also cook together and my oldest and I spend a lot of time sharing books,
movies, and music.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Homeschooling has been a huge blessing to me, and I love sharing our journey
on my blog. I also love reading homeschool blogs.

Brandy’s Bio: I am a happy homeschool mom of two active boys. Married to a firefighter.
Book lover and home chef. I love books, a nice glass of wine, mornings on the
beach, and walks in the woods.


I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Brandy!  Be sure to hop over to her blog and read about her awesome life as the only gal in an all-male household.  🙂  (I can relate….we have just one less boy!)  One of Brandy’s recent recipes that I loved was her Spanish Shepherd’s Pie.  Check it out!

We’ll see you next week with another amazing homeschool blogger, in Family, Fun & Homeschooling!

Enjoy!  –Wren



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