CursiveLogic ~ A TOS Review

Thanks to the Schoolhouse Review Crew, Jackson and I received the most interesting cursive program to use and review–CursiveLogic!  We received their beautiful CursiveLogic Workbook, which contains everything you need to teach and use this neat program.

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I don’t know how your children feel about handwriting.  I can tell you that over the years, we have had a love-hate relationship with it!  My son, who is 13, really prefers keyboarding to either printing or cursive writing.  However, I have read about handwriting’s extensive importance in brain development (don’t we all want our children to have healthiest brains possible, taking every advantage of cognitive ability-building activities?).  And, I personally believe that handwriting itself is an important skill.  Whether it’s letter-writing, signing a name, or using a whiteboard, people need to develop the skills that enable them to complete these tasks (and others) legibly.


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Our personal love-hate handwriting relationship has carried us through several curricula, with mixed results.  We finally found one a year ago that fits our family well.  However, when I read about CursiveLogic, I was really intrigued, as was my son Jackson.  We both wanted to try it out.  And we found the curriculum both easy to use and enjoyable….as well as effective in teaching handwriting!  (And to say that my son enjoys a handwriting program is REALLY saying something!)


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CursiveLogic‘s program is based on several key ideas:

  1. Grouping letters together by shape:  Instead of teaching each letter alone, CursiveLogic teaches about groups of letters which are shaped in similar ways
  2. Teaching a group’s letters in “strings”:  Students learn to connect letters together right away as they work on the letters in a group
  3. Using color to “code” letter strings:  Students are helped to remember the letters in a grouping because they’re all in the same color
  4. Mnemonic phrases to teach letter groupings:  Students learn rhymes for each string so that they can remember how to form the letters
  5. Students are encouraged because even by the end of the first lesson, they can write real words by using the CursiveLogic process


CursiveLogic wkbk 5

Our impressions of CursiveLogic:

Since my son is 13 and has already mastered the mechanics of cursive writing, we used CursiveLogic simply for handwriting practice.  I do like for him to get practice work done on several subjects throughout the summer, so this was ideal for that.  We used the CursiveLogic Workbook several times per week, doing about one lesson per day.  (And sometimes more than that.)

Even though Jackson already knew his cursive letters, I found the workbook to be fantastic practice for him.  The ways that the program segments letters according to type are an excellent reminder overall for the mechanics of forming letters, even for an experienced handwriting student.  And, I really do believe that the CursiveLogic process itself is effective.  It’s also pleasant….and maybe even fun!  And perhaps most important for us, it is very non-stressful.  (Which you will really appreciate if you have a child who dislikes handwriting, like I do!)

The CursiveLogic Workbook is an 8 1/2″ x 11″ laminated softcover book with a spiral binding.  It is both beautiful (inside and out) and highly functional!  The book contains everything that both the teacher needs to teach the handwriting program, and that the student needs to complete it.  It has instructional pages, practice sheets (for pen or pencil writing), and even dry erase pages for extra practice.

I enjoyed teaching CursiveLogic.  The program is very well-organized and well-thought out.  It made a subject rather painless to teach, that has had its ups and downs for us before!  If you’re looking for a handwriting curriculum that makes loads of sense, and is simple to understand and complete, you might want to try CursiveLogic!  It’s appropriate for students from age 7 all the way through adult learners.

You may purchase the CursiveLogic Workbook at CursiveLogic for $29.  I think that’s a bargain price for an all-inclusive handwriting program!  In addition, CursiveLogic has provided our readers with some ebooks containing practice pages—absolutely free of charge!  Just click on free printable practice pages for your own downloadable copies.  You can also visit CursiveLogic at the following social media outlets:


If you’d like to see what other Crew members thought of CursiveLogic, you can visit their posts via the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.


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Enjoy! –Wren



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