Family, Fun & Homeschooling ~ featuring Beth from As He Leads Is Joy

Welcome to this week’s Family, Fun & Homeschooling!

F,F & H finchnwren.comThis week I have the pleasure of introducing you to my friend Beth!  She and her family live in England and she blogs at As He Leads Is Joy.  Her blog is full of amazing photos (I SO want to visit the U.K.), fascinating field trips, and wonderful life stories of her experiences with her family.  (They also have cool travel adventures!)  Like me, Beth also reviews curricula for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

Here’s Beth!


Tell us about your blog. What is your blogging story?

My first blog began when we were moving from Taiwan to Hong Kong. I enjoyed
being able to share our life there with friends and family. For some time I stopped
blogging and then began again because I missed it. Blogging has also been a
way for me to record and remember things we have done. For the past few years
I have been blogging at As He Leads Is Joy.

Is there a blog topic you return to again and again?

One of my favourite things to blog about is probably my family whether it is things
we have done, places we have been to or just experiences. I also write a bit
about special needs.


Tell us about your family. How did you and your husband meet? And what
would you like to share about your children?

My husband and I met in Asia. I was working for an American company and living
there. He had just arrived on the mission field. I volunteered to help with a Bible
study and then was leading it because he got busy with other things. We later
reconnected when I was in the States working on my Masters degree. I finished
my degree and we were married a month later. Six weeks after being married we
were back in Asia. After 5 years in Asia, we spent 5 years in the USA and now
we are in England. We have two children born in different countries. J was
adopted at the age of 7 from Eastern Europe and Miss K was born in Asia. She
considers herself Chinese.

IMG_7241What made you decide to homeschool?

I did some preschool homeschool with Miss K when we were in Asia. Then both
kids went to school for a time in the USA. We decided to homeschool J because
of some of the influences we saw from the school and about the same time he
asked to be homeschooled. I brought Miss K home when we was kindergarten
age. Miss K has Down Syndrome and so I am homeschooling a special needs
child. This is my 6th year.

DSC_1288What does a day in your homeschool look like?

I like to get up and get our schoolwork done but we don’t start until 9:00 most
days. We work on things together – Bible, history, Geography, Latin and then the
kids work on individual things and J and I finish the time with things he is working
on and needs help.

Do you have a favorite “date night” you love to do?

My husband and I both enjoy coffee and so a fun date night is enjoying a cup of
coffee together. That doesn’t happen often but it is still a fun thing to enjoy.

What are some of your favorite mama-child activities?

We enjoy playing games together and it seems when we have a puzzle out we
will work on it together.


Be sure to hop over to As He Leads Is Joy to read more about Beth’s life and joys!  One of her recent blog posts that I particularly enjoyed is her spectacular post about Venice.  She’s an incredible photographer, and of course Venice is a perfect canvas for any artist!

We’ll be back again with another Family, Fun & Homeschooling.  Thanks for joining us today!

Enjoy!  –Wren




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