Things We Love ~ Fountain Dr Pepper

Is Dr Pepper the national drink of Texas?



Growing up, I certainly thought so.  This was back in the day when you’d put coins in a Coke machine (we called all sodas Cokes, til we needed to be specific), open the tiny rectangular door, and pull out a cold glass bottle with a metal lid.

Now THAT’S been awhile!

Now, I haven’t seen a Dr Pepper in a glass bottle since Dublin Bottling Works had to stop making its amazing Dublin Dr Pepper.  (And don’t even get me started on that.)

These days, I substitute a delicious fountain Dr Pepper from Chick-Fil-A.  They have the BEST fountain Dr Peppers, in my opinion.

I’d really rather have a good Dr Pepper than dessert.

Enjoy!  –Wren



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