Cleo and Oz Blog Takeover Day 1 of 4-Oz’s thoughts about his food

Summer 2015 739Hello Hello Hello! Ozy here! Today we’ll talk about…my food.

Finch is a vegan herself, but I am a true meat-eater, which can bring our tastes to a screeching halt when brought together. The food they get me? I WANT THEIR FOOD! NOT MINE!

They think I like it, but Cleo always eats my “kitten food”, as they call it, (wait, do I even eat that anymore? Ah, who cares. It was yummy while I was a kitten, but we have a slightly large amount of it, but at least she likes it!) and I end up eating Oliver’s food. But when push comes to shove, and when shove comes to eating the food they get me, I guess anyone can compromise now and again. Both are good anyway! Cause hey, nobody’s perfect. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to viciously attack Cleo now.


-Ozy the Cat

(This post has been approved for all ages by the Oliver Puppy Dog Association. No animals were harmed except for when Ozy jumped on Cleo.)


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