Cleo and Oz Blog Takeover Day 2 of 4-Oliver?

Summer 2015 714Shh. Keep your voice down, people reading this ytubyetawposta. Arg, dog paws are so hard to type with. It’s sort of a keyboard skitter-type thing. Anyway, this is supposed to be a 4-dayghjkg period where Cleo gets 2 posts and Oz gets 2 but I needed to tell you some things. So one of them gets only one post. Anyway-gjfahdf, I have devised a plan to take over the blog myself. Oz cannot see it and Cleo definitely cannot so I have no idea why I left it in my food bowl. Here, I’ll go get it-hjfyaudrfuOlive world dominationIt is very nifty and complicated. Wow. Awesome write right? Man I hate autocorrect hjftvuryuiauy. Oh boy here comes Oz and he’s going to pounce! Save draft fast NOOOOOOOO


(Oliver’s blog post was unexpectedly halted when Ozy pounced on him right after he saved it.)


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