Cleo and Oz Blog Takeover Day 3 of 4: Cleo Hides from Oz

Summer 2015 715

Ow, did that camera just flash? I’m starting to question your photo skills, Oliver.  Anyway, Cleocatra here. I used to be the diva. Until Ozy came along. He was good brother but then…

He grew.

Like, a lot. And Finch always hears a yowl from me as he attacks me, I used to do that, but now the tables have been spun around a bit, or no? Wait. The tables have been turned a bit and now I have to use Oliver as a bodyguard which he doesn’t mind. I’m a little timid around people now. Little bit. Teensy tiny bit, maybe? They still love me and I love them too, but when other people are over I just hide a bit more. It was my diva thing, and Ozy steals the spotlight, unintentionally of course, but I WAS THE DIVA!!!

Ahem. Sorry about that rant. Anyway, a bit about me-YOWLLLLLLLLLLLLL OZY GET OFF MEEE!!! Ouch, ahem. Someday I will rule the blog. Have you seen how pathetic Oliver’s plan was? Here’s mine:


Oh, so I like his food and he does too. So what, can’t a diva turn the tables on…

Oh forget it. I’m the Diva!


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