Cleo and Oz Blog Takeover Day 4 of 4: Animals…in SPACE?!! and Jackson wraps it up

Well, the takeover’s nearly finished now. We each got one post, but we must say a temporary goodbye as we board our spaceshuttle to the International Animals Space Kennel. We are so excited! Oliver is skittering about in excitement, Cleo is floating about the rocket having a merry little day and I am writing this post until the WiFi runs out. Farewell, until Blog Takeover II! We may not come back from space We will come back soon. Very soon, we want to see Finch again. Goodbye! -Cleo, Oz and Oliver

Cleo Oz Takeover rocket


Now switching gears, so to speak… Hi everyone! Jackson here! Hope you enjoyed the Blog Takeover! I had fun making this stuff for the blog! Who knows, maybe there’ll be another…



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