Dig-It! Games’ “Roman Town” ~ A TOS Review

Our latest Schoolhouse Review Crew item is an educational app!  Dig-It! Games produces several outstanding iOS apps and online games, all designed to provide fun learning time for kids.  (Or adults, for that matter!)  We received a subscription to Roman Town, which combines archaeology, history, decoding, excavating, and other skill-building games, into an enjoyable learning and gaming experience.  It’s appropriate for middle school-aged children.

Roman Town banner

What is Roman Town?

Roman Town is an online game (iOS) that is all about exploring Pompeii.  The animated game has 35 different puzzles that can be played again and again.  Players pursue master thief Ladrone, who’s popping up here and there in Pompeii to beat the player to the artifacts.

Players can select different avatars to play as (Fiona or Charlie).  They explore different areas of Pompeii, such as the Street, the Temple of Jupiter, the House of the Vettii, the Roman Baths, and the Basilica at the Pompeii Forums.  And as they explore, they search for clues in each of these areas.

Game play begins as you tap on one of the tourists with an exclamation point over his or her head.  The tourist answers you in text, and tells you to figure out the quest (artifacts, how pipes run, street mazes, and so on).  Once you complete the quests (which get progressively harder as you go along), you receive your clue.  Or, sometimes you tap on a tourist and receive some Roman historical facts.

Dig It! Games Review 

Roman Town also includes mini-games, which are very fun and are based on Roman history and personal skill.  We haven’t unlocked all of these, but we’re looking forward to playing more of them!  Here’s a listing of some of these fun mini-games:

  • Knucklebones
  • Code Breaker
  • Calculi
  • Artifact Identification
  • Roman Numerals
  • and more!

As the student plays Roman Town, as in many other online games, he’ll unlock achievements.  Achievements are unlocked when the player completes a certain number of games, like playing Calculi 5 times (Calculi Master), or learning facts (Fact Collector) by talking to 5 tourists.

How did we use Roman Town?

Often, we included Roman Town as a fun extra at the end of our school days.  Jackson (my eighth grader) is an aficionado of games so this was an enjoyable addition to him.  He selected Charlie as his avatar, while I played as Fiona.  (Can you imagine which of us was better at the game?)

Dig It! Games Review 

So, what are some of the things we learned about, as we played Roman Town?

  • Peristyles
  • Calculating Roman numerals
  • Identifying Roman artifacts (not as easy as you might think!)
  • Why everything in Pompeii was so well-preserved
  • How the Roman baths worked

We played Roman Town on our iPad 2.  The graphics, music and games all worked well.

Our impressions:

Roman Town was both engaging and challenging.  It would be a great game to add into studies about the Roman Empire.  But, it’s also something homeschooling families could add into regular gaming times, or schooldays.  It ran smoothly on our iPad.  And, it was really neat to add an educational app to our studies.  It has been a long time since we’ve played one!

Dig It! Games Review 

I also have to share that the folks at Dig-It! Games provide both excellent and speedy customer service.  I needed to contact them a couple of times about some questions, and they responded quickly and kindly.  I really appreciate that, in any business!

Here’s what my son Jackson had to say about Roman Town:

“It is a fun game, and you don’t always think of it being schoolwork.  It may be an educational game, but it is very, very fun.”

You may purchase Roman Town from Dig-It! Games.  If you’re looking for a quality educational app, we do recommend it!

Dig-It! Games ReviewCrew DisclaimerEnjoy! –Wren


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