Things we love…Miceller water!!

I read an article about this amazing product and decided to take a chance on it! Could it possibly be true? A product that removes makeup and moisturizes that you don’t rinse? I’ve been using makeup remover wipes for a long time and although they do work, my skin never feels that clean and it has a bit of residue so I end up rinsing my face anyway.

Reportedly they were developed for the French, to protect their skin from the harsh water. I can testify to the harsh water myself; years ago, staying in a hotel in Paris, my skin exploded in a rash (it’s sensitive) when I washed my face and nothing helped!

Back to the experiment: so I found that there was a relative newcomer on the market, Simple miceller water. It was less expensive than it’s French counterparts and at my local CVS. It is wonderful!! I use it every day and my skin looks and feels clean and residue and it’s perfect for sensitive skin. I can’t wait to travel with it and cut down on dragging multiple products!

simple front

simple back

Here’s a little science and history on it:

“The technology of it is actually quite old, dating back from research at the University of Bristol in 1913,” says dermatologist and Simple skincare expert Dr. Debra Luftman. “Micelles are attracted to dirt, grime, and oil, and they draw out impurities without drying out your skin,” she explains. Rather than containing a foamy solution that strips your skin and leaves behind harsh chemicals, micelles cling on to the dirt and makeup on your skin and dissolve them while leaving behind a glowy, hydrated finish.

“Considering the fact that it requires absolutely no rinsing and is suited for all skin types—especially super dry, sensitive, and acne-prone skin—the water is a serious game changer,” says Dr. Luftman. “It’s great for travel when you don’t have access to your full toiletry bag, too,” she adds.

Now if I can just get my husband on it!



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