Garden Wrap-Up 2015…..Garden Party Linky

Wow!  I can’t believe the gardening season is almost at an end!

Garden Party COur summer was slightly odd, weather-wise.  Lots of rain.  Days that didn’t get as hot as we’re used to.  So…while that was incredible for the environment (and fire danger) in general, it did affect our garden in some unusual ways.  Here’s my wrap-up for the year!


The end of the peas

The end of the peas

Sugar Snap Peas

Peas are so hardy and strong.  I almost think they’d thrive no matter what!  I planted ours in early May (late April?) and then continued to plant them about every three weeks, so we had a nice long production of them.

Mostly, this year, we ate them in salads or out of hand.  They are so good, sweet and crunchy!  And, they actually improve the soil they’re grown in, which is a fabulous bonus, since most plants take more nutrients from the soil than they put in.

Verdict for next year?  Definitely, we’ll plant them again!


Our carrots

Our carrots


I did have a love-hate relationship with my carrots.  I picked a seed type that I thought would be great for a raised-bed garden.  And size-wise, they were; they were between 4″-6″ fully grown.

My problem was getting them to the fully-grown stage!  I had the worst time figuring out when they were ready for picking, and the ones I picked were skinny, tiny and definitely not ready.  One day I decided I was DONE with them and planned to pull them all out so that the yellow squash could have more room.  To my shock they were perfectly-sized and ready for eating!

Everybody loved them….but I’ll have to think this thru.

Verdict for next year?  Jury’s still out.


End-of-season zucchini

End-of-season zucchini

Zucchini and Yellow Squash

Love, love, love squash.  This summer, however, I didn’t get as much as I’d hoped for.  Was it the weather?  A seed problem?  The location where I planted them?  Maybe all of the above…or maybe not.  I did get a few nice zucchini.  But I did not get one. single. yellow. squash.  I had some nice blossoms. And even some fruit began to form.  But they never got beyond 4″ before they shriveled up and died.

Verdict?  Plant again, go back to the seed brands I used in previous years, and find a new spot for the yellow squash.



The end of the beets

The end of the beets


Again, a love-hate relationship.  I told a friend that I don’t know if it’s in my destiny (ha ha) to plant below-ground veggies!  I did get some.  And I’ll have one last harvest, I think, this weekend or next week some time.  I need to try some different recipes though.  Maybe I can get some from Finch’s husband.  He is a gourmet cook and he had a bumper crop of beets this year.  So he MUST have some amazing recipes!

Verdict?  I’m thinking, I’m thinking….



I do adore cukes.  And I loved the flavor of the type we planted this year.  But they were too delicate.  The plants up and shriveled after they’d produced one cuke.  It was amazing!  But only ONE???

Verdict:  Try a new seed variety next year….and replant this one, but be sure it can be pampered.





And last but not least?  Yes.  The true reason I garden….tomatoes.  Any shape, any size, any type….I love them!

We were blessed with a good crop of tomatoes.  We planted Ispulins, Italian Gold, Tiny Tims, Grushovkas, Italian Roma, Pink rounds, and Brandywine.  They were all lovely and fantastic with different flavor types.

Verdict?  DEFINTELY plant next year!  But plant more cherry toms.


Garden Review Printable 2Finchnwren’s Garden Review….a free printable for you!

I wanted a way to make some notes on our 2015 garden.  So, I made a printable spreadsheet so that I can record pertinent info—planting, seed types, etc., and notes on each plant.  And, I wanted to share it with you!

Just click here on Printable for Garden Review, and you’ll be able to print or save it for your own use, absolutely free!

It has been a lovely garden year.  I can’t wait to begin planning for next year, can you?

And be sure to visit Kemi at Homemaking Organized—she has a beautiful free printable for you too!
Enjoy—and thanks for joining in with us!  :)Wren



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