Super Teacher Worksheets ~ A TOS Review

Once in a while, a teaching tool comes along that is so helpful you don’t know how you’d done without it before!

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That’s what our latest review was, for us.  Super Teacher Worksheets generously provided us with a free year’s subscription for their Individual Membership.  What a fabulous resource!

STW Pic 1What is Super Teacher Worksheets?

Super Teacher Worksheets is just what it says; a website full to the brim with worksheets for teachers to use with students in primarily elementary grades (but Super Teacher Worksheets is adding more worksheets for students in grades 6-8).  And how many worksheets does the website contain?  More than 10,000….with new ones being added all the time!

Here’s a selection of the types of worksheets you can find on Super Teacher Worksheets.  These categories are all found in a sidebar along the left side of the page.  (There are also different worksheets that are featured on the main page.)

  • Math (from addition and subtraction all the way to algebra, geometry, and fractions)
  • Reading and Writing (comprehension, literature guides, book reports, etc.)
  • Phonics and Early Literacy
  • Handwriting (printing and cursive)
  • Grammar
  • Spelling Lists (grades 1-5)
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • and all kinds of other extras!

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There are some other excellent tools on Super Teacher Worksheets that are especially for teachers or homeschoolers.  First, with an Individual Membership, one receives (along with all the available worksheets on the site) a “filing cabinet.”  Users then can save all the worksheets they’d like there.  Second, there is a “Teacher Helpers” section, which includes everything from achievement certificates, to kids’ calendars, blank music sheets, lined paper, lesson planners/agendas, and blank templates to use for creating crafts and games.  There’s even an Excel elementary school gradebook teachers can print!

A third tool, which homeschoolers will love, is the Worksheet Generator.  This tool enables the user to create word search and other games, and even worksheets/tests using multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank questions.  There’s an entire section for creating math worksheets and tests.

STW Pic 3

And how’s this for fabulous?  There is an answer sheet for every printable on the website, so that you can easily grade your child’s work!

All of the worksheets are in PDF format, and each one notes which grade(s) it is for.

How we used Super Teacher Worksheets:

First, I set up our account.  Next, I began browsing through all the many categories of worksheets available to me.  SInce my son is in 8th grade, he is slightly above many of the areas offered.  But there are quite a few worksheets that we were able to put to good use.  I found great worksheets and printed them immediately.  Later, I found “My File Cabinet” and started saving the PDFs so they’d be in my permanent file.

STW Pic 2


I used science worksheets, social studies worksheets, grammar worksheets and math worksheets the most.  These were an adjunct to our regular curricula; but such a helpful one!  This year I have changed the way we school each day and week.  We have a Literacy Hour, a Math Hour, and so on.  During our Literacy Hour, Jackson reads the fiction book we’re working on.  Then we’ll do a read-aloud (currently, it’s a biography).  Next, he’ll complete his handwriting and journaling.  With Super Teacher Worksheets, I’ve been able to add in a worksheet on parts of speech.  I also love the reading activity worksheets at Super Teacher Worksheets.  Your child can make a poster, fill out a book report form, write a letter to the book’s author, keep a reading log, and much more to add extra learning activities to reading or read-alouds.  There are even creative writing prompts and categories for Cause & Effect, Fact & Opinion, and Editing & Proofreading.  All of these and more were productive additions to our Literacy Hour.

STW Pic 4


During our Math Hour, my son first does a pre-algebra lesson from his regular math curriculum.  Then, he does a math worksheet from Super Teacher Worksheets.  Next, we’ll play a math game together or he’ll play one on the computer.  The purpose for doing math this way is primarily to help him to be more conversant and comfortable with doing math.  The worksheets have been a great addition.  Often, the topic is something he learned in the past, but completing the worksheet provides excellent review.  The great thing about this website is that once we’ve exhausted all the math work he should be reviewing, I can create new (and more challenging) worksheets doing the Worksheet Generator.

We’ve also added in worksheets from the Science and Social Studies segments of the website.  These have also been great review.  I’ve especially appreciated the map worksheets; I’ve wanted to do a special unit on reading maps and navigating for some time.  So that has been a perfect addition!


STW Marcy pic 2

Our conclusions:

I can happily recommend Super Teacher Worksheets to any teacher of pre-K, elementary, or middle school age.  The worksheets are beautiful, concise and laid out in a very orderly fashion, whether it’s the more childlike pages for younger students or the ones for older students.  It has been so helpful to have an easy way to create great review work for my son, and especially to have such a plethora of resources right at my  fingertips.

The price is right, as well.  For only $19.95, your Individual Membership grants you a full year’s access to these thousands of worksheets!  Super Teacher Worksheets is a valuable resource for homeschool moms.  I recommend you visit their website and check out some of the free resources they have there.  I think you’ll be very pleased….and you might even want to subscribe yourself!

You can also visit Super Teacher Worksheets at their social media websites:


Enjoy!  –Wren


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