Introducing EEME’s Project AMP….and a Giveaway!

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Here’s YOUR chance to win a huge–and cool–EEME project!

You all have heard me talk about EEME in recent posts.  EEME is a fabulous company devoted to getting kids involved in electronics and engineering projects, as young as age 7!  We’ve been working through their Builder Basic 6-Project Set, and have  the first two, Project Genius Light and Project DIY Display.



I have to tell you, I adore this company.  We have built electronic machines on breadboards and have learned SO much.  I doubted my ability to do this well (although I never doubted Jackson’s, who has been a Lego builder for years).  But because EEME’s step-by-step videos and instructions are so clear and understandable, we’ve successfully completed both our projects.  And learned so much in the process!

Each month, we receive another project from the Builder Basic 6-Project Set to build and review.  And every month, it’s something amazing!

But now….let me introduce you to EEME’s newest!

How would you like to help your child build an actual set of speakers for a musical device?  Project Amp–the newest and biggest creation from EEME–will help you do just that!

Project Amp is an actual amplifier and speaker that can connect to your smartphone or music player.  It’s much bigger than the sets we’ve been building, but EEME has designed it to be just as user-friendly and understandable as the smaller sets.  In the process, builders will learn more about circuits, capacitors, volume, speakers and current, with actual hands-on building activities.

Read more about Project Amp by clicking the link!  There are even free online lessons you can view there.

And…the giveaway!

You have the opportunity to win your very own Project Amp from EEME, worth $189.95!  Just enter below!  The giveaway closes October 1, 2015.  Best wishes! Project Amp Giveaway

Enjoy!  –Wren

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