FINDING NOAH ~ Special Film Review

Will scientists ever find Noah’s ark?  That is the question posed…and explored…in FINDING NOAH.

Finding Noah quote

Filmmaker Brent Baum and a team of scientists, archaeologists, wilderness experts and theologians believe–and hope–so.  For this group of men, finding Noah’s ark is a goal they’ve spent years pursuing.  And now, with state-of-the-art technology assisting them, finding the vessel that saved civilization is suddenly a real possibility.

They begin with the location of the resting place of the ark, mentioned in the Bible:  Mount Ararat.  Mount Ararat is the tallest mountain in eastern Turkey and is nicknamed “Agri Dagh.”  What does that mean in English?  “The Painful Mountain,” which defines the many difficulties surrounding it.

Mt. Ararat is surrounded by three geopolitical entities:  the Eastern Anatolian region of Turkey; generational lands claimed by Kurdish rebels; and Armenia, which claimed the mountain as its own until newly-drawn country boundaries settled it in Turkey.  This can potentially add dangers to the already-perilous mountain climb.

This mountain is also almost 17,000 tall, and has an ice cap at the top.  It is an active volcano, with a gorge as deep as the Grand Canyon.  And climbing it is incredibly hard.  Those from the FINDING NOAH group say it is an “unpleasant, difficult, challenging, life-threatening place to be.”  However, GPS imagery and radar have located two “rectilinear forms under the ice.”  Armed with this information, which gives a definite location for the researchers to dig, the group of explorers sets out.

What will they find?  And how will they be tested?  Climbing Mt. Ararat is not only a physically taxing effort.  It also requires mental and emotional, and for this group, spiritual, strength.  Will the men make it to the top of the mountain?  And, will they locate the ark?

Finding Noah poster

This excellent, gripping film will be in theaters for one night only:  October 8, 2015.  You’ll definitely want to see this record of a journey that will test the faith and endurance of all those who made the climb.  You can also discover more about the film, the explorers, and even purchase tickets at Finding Noah.  And, you can watch the trailer there as well!

I was really moved by the perseverance of this explorer team and the film crew, and their devotion to faithfully exploring Mt. Ararat.  Faith and science truly can coexist.  Be sure to check out Finding Noah when it premieres in theaters October 8, 2015!

Enjoy!  –Wren


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