Things We Love: Schoolhouse Review Crew (Apply today!)

This is a BIG “things we love.”


Schoolhouse Review Crew 2016 ApplicationsIt’s the group I’ve reviewed curricula (and other amazing stuff) for, since the summer of 2013. And…a very cool thing for you, if you are a homeschooler who loves to write, blog, and review…is that the Schoolhouse Review Crew has opened its application process for 2016!

From October 8-31, 2015, you can apply to be part of this wonderful group of reviewing homeschoolers.

Maybe first, though, you’d like to know why I love it so.  (There are a lot of reasons, but for the  sake of brevity, I’ve narrowed it down to the top 3.)

Amazing, incredible curricula!

Through the Crew I’ve received curricula, free of charge, to use and review. Textbooks, readers, DVDs, music CDs, hands-on products, online studies.  There is so much variety to what the Crew reviews, and our family has greatly benefited from the products we’ve reviewed.

Sometimes the books and materials are absolutely what we were looking for, and closely meet needs we had.  Or, they introduced us to companies we’d never heard of but became diehard fans!  There have been quite a few times that we’ve reviewed something that was so good it replaced what we were already using…all thanks to the Crew.

It has helped me to grow as a writer and reviewer.

As I’ve used curricula and products and written about them, I’ve had so many opportunities to improve my writing skills.  I’ve learned how to write a technical review accurately, and I’ve learned what to look for as we use materials that will help describe it in a review.  I’ve also been able to work on other types of blog posts, because the Crew isn’t looking for someone who ONLY writes reviews.  So, what else can I write about?  I’ve appreciated the little push this has given me to keep my writing fresh and moving!

It has connected me with an amazing group of people who are all doing (basically) the same work that I am.

The work?  Homeschooling.  To be a member of the Review Crew, you must first be a homeschooler.  So, the around-200 people who are in this Crew are all homeschoolers; each of us committed to educating our children at home.

What that looks like, though, is dramatically different as you can imagine.  There are only-child households (like mine) and large-family households.  There are families who are homeschooling kiddos with different types of special needs.  And, you can find single-parent and two-parent homes.  Then, there’s the wide variety of homeschooling types:  eclectic, Charlotte Mason, delight-directed, unschooling, out-of-the-box.  And many mixtures of those!

The bottom line is that via the Crew, I have a huge support team who can answer questions for me, pray for me, encourage me, show me different ways to do things.  I think we’ve all been surprised since the online world and social media have exploded in recent years, with how friendships can be built with people we’ve not even seen in person.  So many Crew members have become wonderful, special friends to me.  What a blessing!

Does this tug at your heart?

If it does….head over to the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog  or click on the banner at the top of this post, and take a look at the application!  You can fill it out right there, and you can also read about other Crew members’ experiences of being on this special team.

And if you do apply….best wishes!  And don’t forget to tell them that Wren from finchnwren sent you!

Enjoy!  –Wren



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