Hello Fresh…! Food delivery service!

I received a coupon for $40.00 off this service and decided to check it out! Total cost including delivery before coupon $59.00. Okay at $59.00 a week it sounded pricey at $19.99, not so much.

I chose the veggie box option, three packaged meals for 2 people each for 1 week. It is a subscription service, but you can cancel or suspend at any time. I got to choose my delivery day, Thursday and the box arrived promptly the next week with delivery notification. My husband brought it in from the porch, it was pretty heavy! We opened it and there were three shoebox sized boxes completely protected from the elements with a plastic cushion, under which was several large gel ice packs.

I opened the first box and everything we needed to cook a spectacular meal was there; all fresh, organic and completely organized to the last ingredient. A dream come true! Plus detailed recipe cards and photos!

HF quinoa box

HF quinoa open

I did the math later and realized that each meal could feed us 4 times=12 meals at $59.00= $4.92 per meal. Even if it only fed 2 people (we eat smaller meals throughout the day) that’s still only $9.83! Way less than a restaurant and perfect for people that have busy lives.

HF Recipe card

  • Cook amazing meals from scratch (even a beginner)!
  • Perfect portions, no waste
  • Farm to table (no grocery store tasteless produce)
  • Completely insulated (up to 24 hours)
  • Everything you need for gourmet meals except the Salt & Pepper and Olive Oil
  • Cancel or suspend at any time
  • You can see the meals available for the month and suspend for that week if you don’t like it
  • Not just for vegetarians either!

This is a link and referral code if you are interested!


I’ll cover my experiences with the recipes in later posts!



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